Cannabis 101: The Best & Most Popular Fertilizers

  • August 15, 2017

Growing Cannabis is slowly becoming a booming business. The US and some other countries have adjusted their legal legislation thus legalizing the growing of Cannabis. Most people use Cannabis for medical purposes while others do it for recreational purposes.

Just as it is important to  have a proper growing setup, it also is important to choose the right fertilizer when you are growing Cannabis. Here are some of the best and most popular fertilizers for your Cannabis.

A nice, green cannabisA nice, green cannabis

Professional vs. Homemade

Yes, it is possible for you to make your own nutrients with your own mixture methods, but it is much easier to buy nutrients that are already processed for your Cannabis.

If you mix the nutrients the wrong way, you can cause a chemical reaction. Professional systems are very safe and can prevent you from doing any unpredictable mistakes. Therefore, it is advisable that you consider professional fertilizers especially if you do not have enough experience mixing the nutrients by yourself.

Soil Fertilizers

Even with fertilizers, your Cannabis will never thrive in soil without a proper watering technique. Newbie Cannabis growers always make the mistake of watering their Cannabis far too often. If you use soil fertilizer, make sure you have the right watering plan.

The following are some of the best products that every Cannabis grower should consider.

  • Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Bundle

This is one of the most recommended products. Advanced Nutrients is used for growing Cannabis of all kinds.

  • Fox Farm

Fox Farm is also a good product; it is a three-solution product. One type of solution is used with every growth phase.

  • General Organics Go Box

Over the years, General Organic has gained popularity. Gardeners and farmers who specialize in organic growth have seen better results with this product.

Growing Cannabis or other fragile plants requires only the best nutrients that you can purchase. All the products mentioned above offer maximum support for your Cannabis.

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