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Hookaroon vs Pickaroon: What’s the Difference?

hookaroon vs pickaroon whats the difference

Whether you’re a professional logger or a homeowner who regularly works with wood, you’ve probably used a pickaroon or a hookaroon. If not, then you’ve probably heard of these tools. You might be wondering whether they can be used to perform the same function, or if one has an advantage over the other. It’s possible […]

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Arcan vs Pittsburgh Floor Jacks: Which is Better?

a floor jack

Anyone who works on cars, whether at home or in a shop, needs a heavy-duty floor jack to lift vehicles. Two of the best are the Arcan and Pittsburgh brands. There is a debate among mechanics about which one is better, so we are going to tell you the differences between them today. Arcan Floor […]

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Mallet vs Hammer: What’s the Difference?

hammer header

Mallets and hammers are both tools that you use to force something into a place you want it to go. For that object to move, the stopping force when the hammer or mallet hits it and stops must be harder than the object itself. The amount of force made upon impact is determined by three […]

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What Can You Use a Sledgehammer For?

what can you use a sledgehammer for

Sledgehammers are not your ordinary hammer. They are made for the most substantial jobs; those that require extra force. They have extremely head steel heads that need two hands to use and requires you to use your whole body to swing it correctly. The massive head then pulls the hammer down, with a little help […]

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Aviation Snips vs Tin Snips: What’s the Difference?

a tin snip

Sheet metal happens, and you don’t want to be stuck with gutters, flashing, or ducts that need cutting and the wrong tool to do it. But what do you need for the job? A good pair of aviation snips or tin snips is essential, but which one should you choose? And what the heck is […]

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Hults Bruk vs Gränsfors Bruk Axe: Which is Better?

Hults Bruk vs Gränsfors Bruk Axe

Hults Bruk and Gränsfors Bruk are both known for making quality axes. They do have some differences, though. Is one better than the other? Let’s compare the two side-by-side and see. Hults Bruk Axes Hults Bruk is the older of the two companies and has been making axes longer. People always say that practice makes […]

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Gerber vs Fiskars Axe: Which is Better? 

best wood for an axe handle

Gerber and Fiskars both make useful axes for homeowners. These tools both have extra-wide, V-shaped heads to make splits bigger. This aids both of these in giving you more one-strike splits than other axes do. How do they compare, though? Let’s take a look at the Gerber 36-inch Power Splitting Axe and the Fiskars X27 […]

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Cant Hook vs Peavey: What’s the Difference?

cant hook vs peavey whats the difference

Performing a logger’s tasks without any tools would be a nightmare. If you think about all the lifting, moving and hauling involved in logging, it’s no wonder so many logging tools have been invented over the years. Examples of these tools are the cant hook and the peavey. They perform the same function and they […]

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Overview: The 14 Different Types of Measuring Tools and Their Uses

measuring tools overview

There are a lot of different tools that help in measuring. Each one measures its own thing. Since the order of importance of tools is determined by what your job is, we have alphabetically listed 14 different kinds of measuring tools and what they measure. There are some that many people have never heard of, […]

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An Overview of the 18 Different Types of Wrenches & Their Uses

types of wrenches

Odds are that you’ve probably got a few wrenches around your house already. Almost every basic maintenance or repair job, mechanical or other, requires a wrench of some kind. Heck, even something as simple as a saltshaker might need a small wrench to open it or tighten it. Although they look like simple tools, some […]

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