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12 Free DIY Bed Frame Woodworking Plans (All Sizes)

herringbone bed

You don’t always realize this, but your bed is the piece of furniture you spend the most time in. In fact, most people spend about one-third of their days in it. So, it’s understandable that you’d want to customize your bed to suit your personality. Either you want it to fit into the general decor […]

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16 Free Miter Saw Stand Plans You Can DIY Today

ultimate tool stand plan

One key to getting the most from your miter saw is making sure that it’s anchored to a stable surface so that you can get great cuts every time. You can go out and spend a lot of money on a stand, but you’re really selling yourself short if you do. If you’ve invested in […]

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23 Free Storage Shed Plans With Step-by-Step DIY Guides

dream shed plan

If you’ve got a big yard, you need a shed—a place where you can store the tools needed to take care of your lawn and garden. You can find them at any big box store, but these sheds are one size /one look fits all. Is your yard one size / one look fits all? […]

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12×20 Shed Plans — Woodworking Ideas

12x20 shed plans

If you’ve got a big property, you probably want a big shed, and 12×20 is a design that provides a lot of storage space. You can even tuck it away in a corner of your property so that it won’t take away from your landscaping design. A shed this size is also ideal if you […]

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18 Free TV Stand Plans You Can DIY Today

farmhouse media cabinet plan

You can spend a lot of money buying the perfect entertainment stand, but there’s a really big advantage to building your own. You might think that it’s money but—while you can save a lot of money—what we’re really talking about is the fact that you can tailor your television stand to match your interior decoration […]

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18 Free Sawhorse Plans You can DIY Today

five-legged sawhorse plan

If you have a pile of scrap lumber lying around, you don’t need to pay money for sawhorses. They’re easy to build and you don’t need to spend a lot of time or energy to make them look nice. After all, they’re just tools to help you build other things. We hunted down a good […]

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12×16 Shed Plans – Woodworking Ideas

12×16 shed with gambrel roof

If you’ve got a big yard, you need a shed. Lawnmowers and fertilizer spreaders, hoses and hand tools. You want all those things collected and organized in one, easy-to-get-to place. One of the perks of having a shed is that your tools are closer at hand when need to do yard work. Another perk is […]

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10×12 Shed Plans – Woodworking Ideas

schoolhouse storage shed plan

A 10×12 is a good basic shed design for storing yard work and gardening tools. It’s big enough that you can fit riding lawnmowers or an ATV in it, but it’s not so big that it’ll detract from your landscaping by dominating your space. You can buy a pre-fab shed and put it together if […]

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7 Free Folding Workbench Plans You Can DIY Today

wooden folding table

One of the most important things in every DIYer’s inventory is a workbench. This isn’t just a place where you can do work, it’s also important to help you organize and keep track of tools, hardware, and materials. Plus, if you need to use a vise, you absolutely need something to mount that to. We […]

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13 Most Profitable Woodworking Projects to Build & Sell in 2019

beer caddy

Having a side hustle is a great way to earn extra cash these days with skills you’ve honed through the pursuit of hobbies. Few of them are as popular right now as making things with your hands. They’re technical skills, however, things that not everyone has and not everyone has the time to learn. Woodworking […]

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