Conventional Generators vs. Inverter Generators

  • August 17, 2017

Inverter Generators

Inverter GeneratorsAn inverter also known as a power inverter is a unique electronic circuit or device that can be used to convert direct current into alternating current. Broadly speaking, the frequency, voltage and the power handling of the devices are influenced by the design of the device as well its circuitry. Also, the inverter cannot produce any power, and the power is often acquired by using a DC source. These types of devices are some times mainly electronic, and might sometimes be a combination of the mechanical benefits of many types of devices with advanced circuit structures. The static types of inverters do not come with any moving parts during the power conversion procedure. The common types of inverter circuit design are used to convert DC power from a transformer or by using the main tap in a main winding section. Following this, the switch can be easily alternated on either section to allow the current to travel back to the DC source and by using different routes.


Conventional Generator

conventional generatorA generator is a special tool that can be used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. The electric power that is produced is often used by an external device or circuit. Some of the common sources of mechanical energy might include water turbines, steam turbines, and gas turbines among many others. The first well-known generator was developed by a man individual known as Micheal Faraday, and it was referred to as the Faraday Disk Generator. Some of the main types of generators include:


Direct current generators

These come with large belts that are driven by a powerful current dynamo that can produce well over 300 amperes and an average of 8 volts. Having said that, the Dynamos are no longer utilized since their designs have been outdated especially when it comes to mechanical applications. The alterations in power direction of the current tend to be caused by a coil of wire that rotates around the magnetic field.


Alternating current generators

This one is based on several types of technological upgrades, with the Dynamo being replaced by an AC alternator.These types of A.C production systems were initially much simpler but have since then evolved since Micheal Faraday’s discoveries.

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