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DeWalt DCF885 1/4″ Impact Driver Review

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Review of DeWalt DCF885

Editor Rating: 4.6/5

Build Quality

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Review Summary

The DCF885 is a step up from DeWalt’s previous models and comes with an increased battery life. It’s a great driver if you want a professional-grade tool at a fraction of the price you’d pay for a professional driver. This impact driver is ideal for anyone who likes doing odd jobs around the house or who wants to go semi-professional in the tool industry. Though there are better models available from DeWalt, the DCF885 is great if you want to save a few bucks but need something that will last a long time. It’s cordless, making it ideal for when you’re working in tricky areas that are hard to reach. It has a good power motor on it too. What’s great about this model is that it also comes with DeWalt’s standard 3-year warranty, so if anything goes wrong or your impact driver starts to break, you can get it sorted without having to pay out any money.

DeWalt is possibly THE biggest brand in the tool industry. They produce thousands of tools every year for beginners, hobbyists, and even professionals. They’re known for selling good quality, professional grade tools, and everyone seems to always love their products. Though minor issues do pop up, for the most part, everyone really likes them as a brand and supplier. This is why so many professionals in the industry choose to go with DeWalt products over everyone else. The DFC885 model is no different.  It receives many positive reviews from a wide range of people who say it’s powerful and lightweight—both of which are great features for an impact driver.

DeWalt DCF885 drilling woods

DeWalt DCF885 – a Quick Look

  • Powerful yet compact
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Good quality
  • Feels off-balanced
  • No on-tool holder
  • Requires batteries


Brand Name: DeWalt

Weight: 3.31kg

Dimensions: 25.7 x 40.6 x 12.2cm

Color: Black/Yellow

Batteries Required: Yes – 2 Lithium Metal Batteries

3-LED Ring with 20 Second Delay Feature

This additional feature is great if you want to use the impact driver in a dark place. Wearing a head torch can be annoying, but sometimes you need light to come from the driver. That’s why DeWalt has included this neat feature with the DCF885 model. It works perfectly and isn’t too bright so it won’t blind you in the dark. You can choose to either use it or keep it off, as you won’t want to waste the battery in the daylight or when you’re in a brightly lit area. Customers and reviewers love this feature and say it’s really handy. Even if you don’t need one, it’s great to have it just in case you might want to use it.

Great Quality with a Highly Powered Motor

Most DeWalt products are worth every cent and this DCF885 model is no exception. It’s very good quality and has a high-powered motor you’re sure to love. An impact driver without enough power can be very upsetting since a job that normally takes 10 minutes could take up to an hour. It’s always better to invest in a driver that has a great motor and is sure to do any job justice. If you’re worried about the quality, just check out the customer reviews for this driver—everyone loves it. The quality is amazing considering that the product is so cheap!

3 Year Limited Warranty

Every tool should have a warranty but not all of them have a lengthy one. DeWalt provides a 3-year limited warranty with most of their products. This is particularly helpful if you use your impact driver a lot, as it may suffer damage over time. Be aware, however, that this warranty is limited and might not cover all damage costs. Most of it covers only mechanical faults. Having this warranty does save money though and it’s a great feature if you need to make use of it.


How durable is the DeWalt DCF885 model?

It’s built with both the beginner and professional in mind which means it can be dropped without breaking. This is perfect for anyone who finds themselves easily breaking things due to clumsiness. The DeWalt DCF885 is very durable when compared to other models and brands available.

How heavy is this model?

This DeWalt model is one of the lightest you can buy, which means it’s perfect for anyone who likes lighter tools and struggles to use heavyweight, impact drivers. If you can find lightweight batteries to go with your driver, you won’t have to worry about too much-added weight, which is great.

How does this DCF885 model compare to other DeWalt models?

While it isn’t the best, it also isn’t the worst. It’s somewhere in the middle which is definitely something that we love about it. It’s affordable compared to other models but it still incorporates the essentials of what an impact driver should have. It’s perfect for anyone who can’t decide between models as it’s pretty standard yet still works really well.

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  • High efficiency motor delivers 450 unit watts out of max power for superior performance
  • Also has a LED light with 20 second delay after trigger release Batteries not included
  • Uses DEWALT 20Volt Max lithium ion batteries which offer longer run time and enhanced durability


The DeWalt DCF885 is perfect for anyone who needs to get into tight spaces and who likes attention to detail. It has the power of other great quality models but at a lower price. However, cheaper bits do tend to get stuck in certain parts of the impact driver. It also requires batteries which increase the weight of the driver considerably. We still recommend that if you’re looking for a good quality, affordable impact driver, you try this one out. Everyone else seems to really like using it, and with only a few complaints out there, it receives mainly positive comments!

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