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DeWalt DCST920P1 String Trimmer Review

Review of DeWalt DCST920P1

Editor Rating: 4.1/5

Build Quality

Review Summary

Today we will be taking a look at the DeWalt DCST920P1: a high-powered weed eater optimized to suit the needs of homeowners with a weed or tall grass problem.

If you are into power tools, you will know the name well. They have been top dog in the world of tools for a long time, and their reputation for quality extends even to yard maintenance equipment.

This weed eater is going to be a particularly good option for users that want something that will take care of a serious weed problem. The motor is optimized to be able to handle thicker areas of weeds which is something that many other electric trimmers in the same price range just can’t claim.

This said, the DeWalt also is not going to be for shoppers that place budget as their top priority. Though not the most expensive weed eater you can find, it is also priced out of the range of many bargain shoppers.

Let’s take a deeper look at the DeWalt to see if it is right for you.

DeWalt DCST920P1 – a Quick Look

  • Excellent Motor
  • Great Warranty
  • Good Battery Life
  • Durable Build
  • Slightly Overpriced
  • Undersized Trimmer Guard


Battery: 20 Volt

Weight: 14 Pounds

Cutting Swath: 13 Inches

Dimensions: 10.94 x 67.81 x 8.75 in

String trimmer in action

Comes with a Variable Speed Trigger

One of the nice (and fairly unique) attributes of this trimmer is that it features a variable speed trigger that empowers users to take a somewhat more controlled and individualized approach to their work.

This function operates more or less the way its name implies it would. Users of this trimmer can control the rotations per minute of the trimming component via controls on the handle.

As a result of this feature, you will be able to exercise more nuance and control over your work and hopefully, achieve better results.

A Powerful Motor (even though it’s cordless)

Another important aspect of this tool is the motor. Generally speaking, battery-powered options just aren’t extremely capable of working through thicker weeds but that really is not an issue with this option.

The DeWalt is going to be able to work through thicker weeds and grasses making it a better option than most comparable electric trimmers for people with a significant weed problem.

Only weighs 14 pounds

While there are certainly options out there that are lighter than this one, the extremely low weights of some of the four to five-pound weed eaters usually come at the price of power.

This unit manages to be light enough to avoid fatigue while still supplying all the power you need to do the job right.

DeWalt dcst920p1


What is the warranty like?

DeWalt is pretty well known for having excellent warranties and this option is no exception. This unit comes with a three-year warranty, one year of free service, and a ninety-day money-back guarantee that should help to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.

Is this unit for home or commercial use?

This option is definitely going to be best used on the home front, but the power actually is a little bit more reminiscent of some commercial options than most electric trimmers.

Still, people shopping for commercial purposes are going to almost definitely want to look elsewhere.

Does the DeWalt have an edging component?

While an edging conversion feature is fairly common in trimmers these days, this option, unfortunately, does not have one. Users have suggested that you can still accomplish edging with this unit, but it is not as easy, nor is it an advertised or endorsed feature.

Dewalt in the garden

What the Users Say

The user impressions of the DeWalt are mostly pretty solid. The motor is, without question, the biggest selling point here, and this is reflected in what people have to say about this unit.

Generally speaking, users that we have heard from are very fond of the ease with which this unit is able to work through thick areas of weeds and grass.

Traditionally, it can be something of a challenge finding electric trimmers that are capable of doing this.

People also like the battery life, which yields about thirty minutes of use—more than most people need to take care of their entire property.

The DeWalt does lose points in a couple of categories as well. There is a general dissatisfaction with the trimmer guard, which leads to trimmings being dispersed pretty wildly. The negative impact of this is fairly minimal—equating mostly to a slightly more irritating cleanup afterward, but the fact remains that this is a frustrating defect that would have been easy for DeWalt to avoid.

There is also the issue of value. As we mentioned at the start of this article, DeWalt is well known in the world of tools and yard equipment. In fact, few, if any manufacturers enjoy the same reputation that they do for developing high-quality tools.

While there is a very strong case that this reputation has been well-earned, many buyers nevertheless feel that DeWalt really used their reputation to overcharge for this piece of equipment.

This is common practice in the world of tools, and really, in the world of shopping in general, but it is always frustrating and a little bit disheartening to see demonstrated.

At the end of the day, even despite some concerns, the DCST920P1 has been well received, and highly recommended by the people that use it.


And there you have it. Is the DeWalt perfect? No, it certainly is not but it is able to boast a lot of selling points that users with a big weed problem are really going to appreciate.

Even though the DeWalt does suffer a little bit in terms of value, the fact remains that for users looking for a lot of power, it would be hard to find something comparable for a better price.

Bottom line? There is a lot to like about the DeWalt.

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