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6 Free DIY Covered Sandbox Plans You Can Make Today

Last Updated on August 5, 2020

Free Covered Sandbox Plans You Can DIY Today

A sandbox is a wonderful thing to own for your kids to get outside, play, and explore their imaginations. Or you to get together with some friends and pitch horseshoes.

But it might not be the nicest thing if you don’t keep it covered from the elements. An uncovered sandbox makes for more maintenance and a less enjoyable experience.

We scoured and searched to find some of the best covered sandbox plans available for you to DIY. Several of these have unique advantages and may be exactly right for your situation.

As always, before undertaking any DIY project, ensure that you’re using the proper PPE. This can include (but is not limited to) eye protection, gloves, aprons, and avoiding wearing loose fitting clothing.

1. Kaboom Sandbox with Folding Lid and Seats

Kaboom Sandbox with Folding Lid and Seats

Featured Image Credit: Kaboom

These sandbox plans by Kaboom are definitely some of our favorites. It’s a great design with a large open pit and bench seating.

We really like that the sandbox doesn’t have a bottom. That allows for great natural drainage into the earth. If the sandbox got caught in a torrential downpour and soaked the would-be bottom, that could lead to mildew and rotting within the bottom material.

Also, the bench seating here is awesome! It’s built directly into the cover and folds away neatly when not in use. To top it off, the plan itself is super easy to read and follow with plenty of helpful tips, graphics, and diagrams.

2. HGTV Covered Sandbox

HGTV Covered Sandbox

Featured Image Credit: HGTV

The HGTV covered sandbox might be what you’re looking for. It’s not a covered sandbox in the sense that the sand is immediately covered. Instead, a roof is installed 3 feet overhead. This is great for providing much needed shade for extended periods outdoors.

Another feature we really like with this sandbox is the corner seats. While they aren’t full on bench seats, they are substantially easier to build. These plans also incorporate landscape fabric into their design. This layer is added between the earth and sand to act as a drainable divider.

If you’re looking for an awesome weekend project that’s not too difficult, this might be the best choice for you.

3. DIY Network Covered Sandbox

DIY Network Covered Sandbox

Featured Image Credit: DIY Network

If you’re brand new to the DIY game, this DIY Network covered sandbox is perfect for you. It’s super simple to put together. And if you have all the materials in tow, this job will take less than a day’s work.

It’s a basic design with minimal frills. However, the corner braces can double as seats like the HGTV plan above. One thing we’re not so crazy about is that this sandbox has a wooden bottom with no drainage port. If the wood underneath begins to rot, the weight of the sand or people and toys within the box could cause it to cave in.

However, this plan does have the most complete covering for the sandbox itself with the only holes drilled to be for the handles.

4. Simply Easy DIY Covered Sandbox with Shade Canopy

Simply Easy DIY Covered Sandbox with Shade Canopy

Featured Image Credit: Simply Easy DIY

This covered sandbox from Simply Easy DIY has got a little bit of everything. It’s got a sandpit with a foldable bench inside the cover and a shade canopy above. Unlike other models, this only has a single bench instead of two.

It also has smaller dimensions as well. So, if you’re space-limited, these plans could definitely suit your needs. This sandbox when fully constructed only take about six bags of sand to completely fill up. Keep this in mind when choosing these plans.

If you’ve got multiple children or they’re a little bigger, you can always adjust this design or just opt for something larger.

5. Ana White Large Covered Sandbox

Ana White Large Covered Sandbox

Featured Image Credit: Ana White

If you find the sandbox above a bit too small, then maybe the Ana White large covered sandbox is right for you. This sandbox is just over 6-foot long on any side, so make sure you’ve got the proper space requirements before building.

It’s also got a higher canopy than others on this list in order to provide great sunshade for even bigger kids. The sheer size of this sandbox also allows you get creative with customization options such as mosquito netting or other attachments.

And since, there’s no real specialty cuts or hinges, this design is beginner friendly!

6. Ana White Boat Sandpit

Ana White Boat Sandpit

Featured Image Credit: Ana White

This is by far the most unique sandbox design on this list. Another design from Ana White, this sandpit is in the shape of a boat complete with a fabric sail. The sail tents over and provides an excellent cover and sunshade. And the best part is that this design is much easier to build than it looks.

Why should you build a covered sandbox?

Just about everyone remembers the old-school traditional sandboxes. They’re essentially just a wooden square corral filled with sand. So, what’s wrong with the traditional design? And why should you opt for a covered model?

With a traditional style, the sandbox is exposed to the elements. This means rain, snow, sunlight, and even animals. By putting a cover over your sandbox, you can eliminate or reduce these issues.

Rain and snow can definitely be an inconvenience by turning fun dry sand into mud—making you wait longer until dry. Depending on the type of cover, you can minimize the harmful UV rays from sunlight that will affect your kids as they play. And as far as animals go, they just love to bury things—especially cats. They’ll just look at your sandbox as a giant litter box—something nobody wants to discover by accident.

Other Useful DIY Plans:


Whichever design you decide upon, a covered sandbox is a wonderful addition to any home with small, adventurous children.

Just keep in mind your considerations. If you’re looking for a sandbox that the whole family can enjoy, Kaboom’s plan is perfect. But it is a touch harder to build than some of the others. And if you’re just looking for something super simple, DIY Network has got you covered.

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