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10 Free DIY Gun Rack Plans You Can Build Today

Last Updated on August 6, 2020


Responsible gun owners know the importance of having quality storage for their firearms. Proper storage not only provides a safe way to house and protect your guns but also allows for quick access in the event of an emergency.

However, gun racks and cabinets don’t come cheap. Traditional gun cabinets can cost a pretty penny, and newer biometric type gun safes can cost even more.

Thankfully, with a little gumption and DIY know-how, you can build your very own gun rack at home! We’ve gathered X free gun rack plans that DIY builders of all skill levels can follow. These will keep your guns safe and secure while adding a touch of flair to your home.

And just as a quick reminder… whenever you’re going to be operating hand or power tools, be sure you’re wearing the proper PPE for the job. This can include protective eyewear, gloves, aprons, and avoiding loose-fitting clothing.

1. Outdoor Life’s Super Cheap DIY Gun RackOutdoor Life’s Super Cheap DIY Gun Rack

If you’re on a tighter budget but still want quality storage, check out Outdoor Life’s Super Cheap Gun Rack.

It’s a vertical gun rack that can accommodate up to 18 different long guns. The gun rack itself doesn’t take up much room either. This would be a great option for those with minimal space within their homes.

Made out of pre-cut wood rounds and PVC, this gun rack can be assembled for roughly $50 provided you already have the necessary tools. And if you’re new to DIY work, this is definitely a great starter project as it’s relatively easy to construct.

2. Woodworking Corner’s Wall Mounted Horizontal Gun RackWoodworking Corner’s Wall Mounted Horizontal Gun Rack

When many people think of gun racks, the first image that pops to mind is normally the traditional wall-mounted rack. It’s a nice clean look that prominently displays your guns but allows for practical access.

If this appeals to you, Woodworking Corner’s Wall Mounted Gun Rack plan may be just what you’re looking for.

The plan’s simple, yet elegant design would be a welcome addition to just about any room. It comfortably holds 3 long guns with a storage shelf for ammo, accessories, or smaller handguns.

Constructing this plan requires some basic woodworking skills but nothing too complex. For intermediate DIY’ers, this would be an excellent project.

3. Bill Pounds Field Rifle RackBill Pounds Field Rifle Rack

This field rifle rack and case from Bill Pounds is a real novel idea. It’s a gun rack that can transform from a standing vertical gun rack to a carried suitcase box within a few short seconds.

That makes this plan perfect for a quick trip to the range or hunting trip.

One of the best parts about this DIY gun rack is that it’s relatively easy to build. It’s a great project for DIY beginners and veterans alike.

4. DIYEasyCrafts Secret Floating Shelf Gun SafeDIYEasyCrafts Secret Floating Shelf Gun Safe

A floating shelf is a stylish way to display pictures, awards, or accent pieces inside your home. But with this plan, it can also serve as a hidden gun safe. has devised a way to store a single long gun within your home discreetly. And its simple design allows for DIY enthusiasts of all skill levels to complete.  

5. Allen’s Woodworking Gun CabinetAllen’s Woodworking Gun Cabinet

For those of you looking for a more substantial gun rack, you may want to consider constructing a full-sized gun cabinet. These can typically hold more guns, ammo, and accessories than other types of gun rack.

Allen’s Woodworking has put together a very basic plan for a gun cabinet. But don’t let that fool you. Full-sized gun cabinets are often more difficult to build than other racks. Gun cabinets, such as the one from Allen’s, usually have multiple storage areas including a main long gun storage on top with multiple drawers and door compartments underneath.

Creating a full-sized gun cabinet like this would require intermediate to advanced woodworking skills. However, the time and effort spent building one is well worth it.

6. Popular Mechanics Display Cabinet for FirearmsPopular Mechanics Display Cabinet for Firearms

This plan—like the one above—is for a full-sized gun cabinet. The Popular Mechanics Display Cabinet provides a top section for storing long guns, a display shelf for pistols, and two drawers for accessory and ammo storage.

The cabinet when complete comes equipped with lighting and locks to further enhance your gun cabinet.

Make no mistake, building this cabinet is not the easiest of tasks. This project is more for advanced DIY skillsets due to the intricate nature of some of the steps. But when completed, it’ll sure to be a prominent and practical storage display for your home.

7. Wooden Gun Rack from SbanasWooden Gun Rack from Sbanas

This horizontal gun rack on Instructables provides space for 3 long guns and a cabinet for ammunition or smaller handguns.

Compared to other similarly styled gun racks, we found this one to be easier to build due to its wider curves. It makes handling your tools that much simpler.

This would make a great weekend project for an intermediate DIY’er looking to build a gun rack for their firearms.

8. Wayne of the Woods Wall-Mounted Gun RackWayne of the Woods Wall-Mounted Gun Rack

Looking build a simple wall-mounted gun rack with scraps you might have just lying around?

If so, the Wayne of the Woods gun rack could be your solution. As far as gun rack plans go, this design is relatively simple and perfect for a beginner transitioning to more complex projects.

9. Hidden In Wall Gun Cabinet by Gadget-ManHidden In Wall Gun Cabinet by Gadget-Man

Having a hidden wall safe sure is a cool way to store your guns.  And with these in-wall gun cabinet plans on Instructables can help you build one of your very own!

We recommend that only those with Advanced and Expert DIY’ers attempt this. The reason being that this involves tearing down part of your wall. You must understand your home’s layout (including plumbing and electrical considerations) to properly accomplish this project.

10. DIYEasyCraft’s Secret Picture Frame Pistol RackDIYEasyCraft’s Secret Picture Frame Pistol Rack

Are you looking to hide your pistol in plain sight? That’s actually not a terrible idea. It allows you to confidently know where your weapon is in time of trouble while maintaining an air of secrecy.

Well, DIYEasyCraft’s Secret Picture Frame Gun Holder can let you do just that. On the surface, what looks to be an innocuous family photo can easily reveal a hidden pistol in event of an emergency.

This project isn’t too complex; however, we recommend this project to those with an intermediate skill level with DIY.

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It’s Time to Get Building!

With any of these free DIY gun rack plans, you’ll be able to confidently build your very own gun storage without having to pay an arm and a leg for pre-constructed furniture. All it takes is a little bit of DIY work. Good luck!

Featured image credit: Guns by ValdasMiskinis, Pixabay

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