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6 Free DIY Lifeguard Chair Plans You Can Build Today

Last Updated on August 6, 2020

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When it comes to building a lifeguard chair for your pool, the most important things to consider are stability and height. You want to make sure the chair is extremely stable because lifeguard chairs are considerably higher than a standard chair.

Secondly, to determine the height of the lifeguard chair, you need to make sure that you take into consideration the size of the pool. A lifeguard should be able to see the entire pool and the bottom of the whole pool.  If you have an above ground pool and the chair will be outside the pool area, you may need some extra height. For in-ground pools, the chair does not need to be all that tall as long as your pool is medium to small size.

Regardless of the size or design that you want, we put together six free lifeguard chair plans that you can put together yourself today.

1. Lifeguard Chair From Recycled Lumber from the Instructables

Lifeguard Chair From Recycled Lumber from the Instructables

Our first choice for an excellent lifeguard chair made entirely from recycled lumber is this option from the Instructables.  This chair is the perfect height for a pool lifeguard, and it looks really lovely as well. The instructions for this particular plan are easy to follow, and we love that this chair will cost you hardly anything if you are using old recycled lumber. There is plenty of sanding involved to get this chair to look great, but the overall construction of it should not be that difficult.

We like the back of this chair with how wide it is and the sturdy step to get you up to the lifeguard height. Some chairs are built with a small vertical support to step up on, and this chair has an excellent horizontal base to rest your entire foot as you climb up. The addition of the armrests completes this sharp-looking lifeguard chair.

2. Bar Height Adirondack Chair From How To Specialist

Bar Height Adirondack Chair From How To Specialist-

This chair is technically a bar-height Adirondack chair, but it works perfectly as a lifeguard chair. After all, the most important thing about a lifeguard chair is visibility. With this bar height option, your lifeguard should easily be able to see the action across the entire pool area.

The How-To Specialist gives both a tool list and a supply list for this chair, and they make it very easy to follow. If this is your first woodworking project, make sure to follow each step of these directions carefully. The overall construction of this chair is not extremely difficult, but it does have some more detail than our first option. You can see that the back and the base require small pieces of wood and more cuts.

3. Lifeguard Chair Plans From My Outdoor Plans

Lifeguard Chair Plans From My Outdoor Plans-

Next on our list is this great looking classic lifeguard chair from My Outdoor Plans. Although we love the look of the natural wood, when you think about a lifeguard chair, it is often this bright shade of white. We love the foot platform/step on this chair, making the chair easy to access and comfortable for the lifeguard to be sitting in.

This is a step-by-step plan that lays out for you the material, tools, and the amount of time this project could take. Indeed, the time will vary based on skill level and experience. Another great feature with this chair is the fact that the seat is quite full. This chair will comfortably accommodate any size lifeguard or two junior lifeguards!

4. DIY Adirondack Chair Bar Height by Shanty 2 Chic

DIY Adirondack Chair Bar Height by Shanty 2 Chic

Next, we have the Shanty 2 Chic bar height Adirondack chair. This is not technically a lifeguard chair, but we feel as though a bar-height Adirondack chair can easily give you the same functionality of a lifeguard chair. The plan is straightforward to read a color-coded list of instructions. You will also get a supply list as part of the plan.

Although this chair has a more natural look to it, we saw a few completed pictures that were painted in multiple colors. In addition to the usefulness of this chair, it could also serve as a pop of color in your back yard. We could see this style working best with a smaller, tropical-style pool and yard. 

5. Tall Adirondack Chairs by Easy Small Woodworking Projects

Tall Adirondack Chairs by Easy Small Woodworking Projects

This is not considered a bar-height Adirondack, but instead, the Easy Small Woodworking Projects website calls this the Tall Adirondack. We think this would work as a lifeguard chair for your pool. The design on this chair is nice with the rounded back. It brings the classic beach/summer look to the pool area. We can see this chair painted white or an accent color that matches your pool liner.

When doing these woodworking projects, don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to colors and design. You do not always need to follow a plan exactly to have it come out perfect. Especially if you are a more skilled woodworker, you may be able to use our recommendations as a guide as opposed to an exact plan.

6. Lifeguard Stand by Suzy Homesteader of the Rockies

This video is a complete tutorial done by Suzy Homesteader of the Rockies. She gives a full video with all of the instructions to build this project from start to finish. On her website, you can also download a complete supply list to make sure you have everything you need to complete this project.

Of all the DIY free lifeguard chair plans we found, this one is the tallest. She lets you make some decisions about the exact size of the chair you may want, but if you want something tall, this is the plan to follow. The video portion of this helps if you are a visual learner. As you complete steps, you can pause the video and then pick back up where you left off. 

If you are building a lifeguard chair to look cool in your back yard or because you need a spot for a lifeguard to look over the swimmers, one of these plans should do the trick. There are all plans that you can do yourself, and most are completed using simple tools and supplies that you may already have at your home. 

Featured image credit: Lifeguard post by petechacalos, Pixabay

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