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10 DIY Morris Chair Plans You Can Make Today

Last Updated on August 8, 2020

Morris chair

Morris chairs are comfortable recliners with high arms. Some are outfitted with thick cushions, and the amount the back of the chair reclines can vary. Morris chairs make a great project for beginners and experienced woodworkers, and many of these chairs are quite complicated.

We have searched every corner of the internet to bring you as many predesigned DIY plans as we could find to match your skill level and taste.

1. How-To Specialist Morris Chair

Morris chair plans

The How-To Specialist Morris Chair is an easy to build Morris chair that doesn’t require any stuffing or intricate angle cuts. With clear instructions and illustrations, making this chair is a great way to get some woodcrafting experience.

Skill Level: Easy

Materials:  Lumber, Screws

Tools Needed:  Hammer, Hand saw, Drill

2. Woodworking Session Morris Chair

DIY Morris Chair #2

The Woodworking Session Morris Chair is easy to build and only requires a few tools. You do not need to worry about high-density foam or upholstery, and the chair is comfortable and stable. Extra time spent shaping and sanding can produce some astonishing results.

Skill Level: Easy

Materials:  Lumber, Screws

Tools Needed: Screwdriver, Hand saw, Drill

3. Design Confidential Morris Chair

Design Confidential Morris Chair

The Design Confidential Morris Chair is a moderately difficult chair to build that doesn’t require too many tools. This chair does not have a reclining back, but it does have the high arms and classic look of the Morris chair.

Skill Level: Moderate

Materials:  Lumber, Screws, Nails, Wood glue

Tools Needed: Hand saw, Drill, Sander, Router

4. My Outdoor Plans Morris Chair

My Outdoor Plans Morris Chair

The My Outdoor Plans Morris Chair is an easy to build project that you can create in a few hours with a minimum amount of skills or tools. You will need to cut a few angles, but the overall construction is pretty straightforward.

Skill Level: Moderate

Materials:  Lumber, Screws, Wood putty, Wood stain

Tools Needed: Screwdriver, Hand saw, Drill

5. DIY Projects Morris Chair

DIY Projects Morris Chair

The DIY Projects Morris Chair is a moderately difficult chair to build that does not require cushions, or other upholstery. The directions are not as clear as some of the others, but with a little patience, you can complete this chair in a few hours.

Skill Level: Moderate

Materials:  Lumber, Nails, Wood glue

Tools Needed: Hammer, Hand saw, Drill

6. Michael Gaspari Morris Chair

The Michael Gaspari Morris Chair is a high-quality build that will impress even seasoned builders. It requires the use of table saws, and you need to make several angled cuts, so this project is definitely in the advanced pile, but if you have the skills, it results in one of the more delightful chairs on this list.

Skill Level: Advanced

Materials:  Lumber, Wood glue

Tools Needed: Hammer, Table saw, Drill, Sander

7. Mtabernig Moris Chair

The Mtabernig Morris Chair is another advanced chair on this list. This author explains how to build this chair over a four-part video series on YouTube. It provides an in-depth explanation of every aspect of the project which results in a high-quality chair you will use.

Skill Level: Advanced

Materials:  Lumber, Screws, Wood glue, Stain

Tools Needed:  Table saw, Drill, Measuring tape, Clamps

8. Wood Wrecker Morris Chair

Wood Wrecker Morris Chair

The Wood Wrecker Morris Chair is an advanced design that results in a professional quality chair. It requires several specialized tools like routers and a table saw, but if you have these tools, this project is well worth the time. The instructions cover every detail.

Skill Level: Advanced

Materials:  Lumber, Wood glue, Stain, High-density foam

Tools Needed:  Table saw, Router, Belt sander

9. DCW Woodworks Morris Chair

DCW Woodworks Morris Chair

The DCW Woodworks Morris Chair is an advanced chair that results is a well-built chair that is comfortable and durable. You are going to need some advanced tools like a router and a table saw, but the instructions are well written and easy to understand.

Skill Level: Advanced

Materials:  Lumber, Wood glue, Sandpaper

Tools Needed: Router, Belt sander, Wood hammer, Table saw

10. Woodworkers Journal Morris Chair

Woodworkers Journal Morris Chair

The Woodworkers Journal Morris Chair Is an advanced project that introduces woodworkers to interesting techniques like wood bending. The easy to follow instructions make this advanced project possible, but specialized tools like the router are also required.

Skill Level: Advanced

Materials: Lumber, Wood screws, Wood glue, High-density foam

Tools Needed: Hammer, Hand saw, Drill


Many of the chairs on this list are very advanced but produce great results. Others are easier to build and can help you gain valuable experience. We hope that this guide has opened your eyes to some wonderful projects. If it has, please share these Morris chair plans you can DIY today on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured image credit: Morris chair by pasja1000, Pixabay

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