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12 Free DIY Pizza Oven Plans You Can Build Today (Wood-Fired, Clay, Brick)

Last Updated on August 6, 2020

Pizza oven

A pizza oven cooks hotter than a standard oven, allowing you to get the perfect consistency of crust on your pizza. With a wood-fired model, you can get the smoky flavor that is missing when you use a gas or electric oven, so you can wow your family and friends with authentic flavors and aromas. Pizza ovens aren’t just great for your choice of Hawaiian or Pepperoni topped feast, either. In fact, you can cook a whole menu of great tasting foods from bread to vegetables and roast meat to baked desserts.

Using the 12 plans below, you will soon be cooking great tasting pizza, and some of the designs are ideal for creating a focal point for the garden area, too. Be sure to include room in your plans for seating so that your loved ones can enjoy the experience, too. Below, we’ve curated 12 free pizza oven plans to DIY and create an outdoor dining experience. Building a pizza oven is no small task, and if you don’t have bricklaying experience, we suggest it’s a good idea to practice on something simpler before jumping in and building a domed oven.

1. Wood Fired Oven Plans from FlamesmithsWood Fired Oven Plans from Flamesmiths

The Flamesmiths’ wood oven plans include detailed instructions on building your own cinder block base, as well as a choice of oven sizes. All the plans utilize refractory insulation over the dome and under the floor, which ensures that the oven stays hotter for longer and yields the best tasting food. They offer plans for the three different wood fired ovens, giving you a selection of sizes to choose from so that you can download and print them off. There’s also a time-lapse video that you can use to make sure you’re doing everything right.

2. MyOutdoorPlans Outdoor Pizza OvenMyOutdoorPlans Outdoor Pizza Oven

MyOutdoorPlans has a number of free pizza oven plans, including this one that creates an attractive and compact pizza oven. It uses concrete blocks, fire bricks, and fired clay to create the ideal oven environment.

3. Outdoor Pizza Oven from HowToSpecialistOutdoor Pizza Oven from HowToSpecialist

If you intend to build a pizza oven from scratch, you will need a wet saw to cut the bricks down to size. You will also need at least two dry weekends because you will have to leave the mortar to dry before you can complete the rest of the plan. If you’re up for the challenge, this outdoor pizza oven from HowToSpecialist will stand as a monument to your achievements, as it is part of a full outdoor kitchen area complete with its own shelter as well.

4. The Pompeii Brick Oven Plans From Forno BravoThe Pompeii Brick Oven Plans From Forno Bravo

The Pompeii Oven from Forno Bravo is a traditional Italian pizza oven that uses fire bricks as the primary material. It also uses high temperature mortar and insulation. The oven got its name from the brick ovens that have been unearthed at ancient sites in Pompeii and its domed design ensures that the oven retains the heat of the burning wood, which allows you to cook the perfect pizza without running out of fuel.

5. Instructables Insulated Clay Pizza Oven PlansInstructables Insulated Clay Pizza Oven Plans

This design uses terracotta tiles as the insulating material under the floor of the oven. This saves money compared to buying expensive refractory bricks. The use of recycled bricks for the exterior of the oven means that you can match the oven to the look of your property, if you wish, and it gives a rustic look that is perfect for the mature garden. This is another design that uses the dome shape to circulate heat around the whole oven.

6. Buildipedia Brick Bread OvenBuildipedia Brick Bread Oven

This Mediterranean style bread oven from Buildipedia is not only ideal for baking your favorite olive bread or focaccia, but it will also make traditional Italian style pizzas. This design uses a combination of ceramic fiber blanket, vermiculite and Portland cement to create the insulated oven. The bread oven is a black oven, which means that the wood fire is burned inside the oven for about an hour and you prepare your chosen bread or pizza after almost all of that fire has been removed. This style of pizza oven retains the smoky flavor you want.

7. Recycled Outdoor Brick Oven from PermacultureRecycled Outdoor Brick Oven from Permaculture

This outdoor brick oven is made from recycled bricks so that it retains the permaculture design feel. The design also used some recycled cinder blocks and hardcore rubble. If you have left over materials from a previous project, then this guide can show you how to use them in the creation of your own outdoor brick oven.

8. Sunset Classic Adobe OvenSunset Classic Adobe Oven

An adobe oven is made from sun baked clay and shaped like a beehive. This traditional design hails from the American Southwest. This build uses a mixture of adobe soil and Portland cement and like traditional adobe ovens, you use this one by building and burning a fire in the oven before letting it die down and then cooking on top of it.

9. The Year of Mud Cob Pizza OvenThe Year of Mud Cob Pizza Oven

Like the adobe oven, a cob oven is one that is made from mud and it gives a truly rustic and traditional feeling to any outdoor area. Cob actually combines clay sand, straw, and water and it hardens to a solid shell when left to dry. This build also uses a stone base that is ideal because it retains the natural outdoor look: perfect for building a wilder area of the garden. This guide shows you how to do everything from build a shelter to dig and install a drainage trench before digging a foundation and creating the dry-stone base. It is quite the undertaking but absolutely worth it.

10. The Cob Oven ProjectThe Cob Oven Project

This is another cob oven design using an adobe soil mix to create the heard outer shell. This one also uses a dry-stone wall base, but you will also find really handy guides on modifying the design to your own needs. There’s information on how to dry the adobe too. The size of your pizza oven will be determined by the amount of room you have, but this guide offers details on creating oven dimensions to match your preferred size of pizza, for the truly die-hard pizza lover.

11. The Swishy Wood Pizza Oven from Traditional OvenThe Swishy Wood Pizza Oven from Traditional Oven

Traditional Oven has provided an extensive guide on creating their Swishy wood pizza oven. There’s dozens of pictures throughout the guide, which lets you check your progress and make sure you’re getting everything just right. The finished item looks like a small house and the finished oven wouldn’t look out of place used at a professional restaurant. Costs were kept down during this build by using leftover paint and even some left-over roof tiles to finish the pizza oven construction.

12. Backyard Pizza Oven Plans from Food Truck EmpireBackyard Pizza Oven Plans from Food Truck Empire

Compared to the last guide, Food Truck Empire’s pizza oven plans are modest in size. However, the oven looks professional when finished, and they claim that you could potentially build it for less than $100 and suggest that there’s no reason that you can’t build your own for $500 even if you have to source all materials from the local hardware store. There’s videos throughout the guide, ensuring that you can replicate their own finished oven design.

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Featured image credit: Pizza oven by Riedelmeier, Pixabay

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