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9 Free DIY Viking Chair Plans You Can Make Today

Last Updated on August 5, 2020

Viking Chair Plans

The design for a Viking chair is one of the world’s simplest and oldest. Because it is so old, the Viking chair has gone by many names throughout history, including Viking chair, one-board chair. African chair, bog chair, and Celtic chair.

There are not just numerous names for the chair, but also numerous different ways to make it, and personal touches you can put on it.

Check out the 9 free DIY plans below for different spins on this classic chair!

1. One Board Minimalist Chair from

One Board Minimalist Chair from Instructables

Featured Image Credit: Instructables

The One Board Minimalist Chair only requires one board to make! Because of this, and the basic tools necessary to make this chair, this is a great plan for woodworking beginners. This comfortable and durable chair will take close to no time to make but will last you decades.

Skill Level: Beginner  

Materials: Wood

Tools: Circular Saw, Jigsaw, Square, Straight Line Tool, Drill with a Large Drill Bit, Tape Measure, Pencil

  • Tip: You can disassemble this chair to store it!

2. Sturdy Viking Chair from

Sturdy Viking Chair from Myoutdoorplans

Featured Image Credit: My Outdoor Plans

This Sturdy Viking Chair plan not only involves instructions, but also detailed pictures that walk you through each step of construction. The author advises using wood glue to enhance the structures rigidity!

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: Lumber, Screws, Wood Putty, Wood Stain

Tools: Hammer, Tape Measure, Framing Square, Level, Milter Saw, Drill, Screwdriver, Sander, Safety Gloves, Safety Glasses

  • Tip: After constructing your Viking chair try adding a few coats of paint or stain to it! This will make your chair look more finished.

3. Pallet Viking Chair from

Pallet Viking Chair from Instructables

Featured Image Credit: Instructables

The Pallet Viking Chair is a sturdier, slicker Viking chair design. This one involves placing three layers of pallet boards on top of each other. There is even an optional design tutorial in the end that tells you how to use the Lichtenberg Figure technique.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials: At least 8 Pallets, PVA glue

Tools: Handsaw, Hammer, Jigsaw, Sandpaper

  • Tip: You don’t need them, but the project will go a lot quicker if you also have a belt sander, chisels, clamps, and a nail gun.

4. Cheap and Easy Viking Chair from

Cheap and Easy Viking Chair from Jeffsdiy

Featured Image Credit: Jeff’s DIY

Jeff’s DIY Projects Viking Chair is a cheap and easy plan for making your very own viking chair. He notes that this chair is really incredible for stargazing, with an angled plank that supports your neck, and is surprisingly comfortable. There is a hand tool and power tool method included in the instructions, along with a video, pictures, and detailed instructions.

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: One Pine Board

Tools: Hand Saw, Mortise Chisel, Hatchet, Brace and a Large Auger Bit, Rubber Mallet & Hammer, Lawnmower Blade, Tape Measure, Saw Horse

  • Tip: For the power tool method you need a jig saw and a drill.

5. Nerd Throne Viking Chair from

Nerd Throne Viking Chair from Instructables

Featured Image Credit: Instructables

The Nerd Throne Viking Chair pays homage to the ancient Viking chair design, but also offers some tips for useful features that you can add to it. This chair is customizable, and the tutorial offers some interesting facts about the history of the Viking chair!

Skill Level: Advanced

Materials: 6 Pieces of Heavy Plywood, Protective Rubber

Tools: Zip Screws, Sand Paper or a Belt Sander, Saw, Router, Pencil, Woodburning Material, Staple Gun, Circle Saw

  • Tip: Easily transport this chair by making a paracord loop with a wooden toggle and slide.

6. Man Cave Pallet Viking Chair from

Man Cave Pallet Viking Chair from 1001pallets

Featured Image Credit: 1001pallets

Looking for a Viking Chair for Your Man Cave? Then this is the design to follow! This versatile chair plan has numerous design options and step-by-step photos.

Skill Level: Intermediate 

Materials: Numerous Pallets, Wood Stain, Wood Varnish, Wood Glue

Tools: Hammer, Sander, Circle Saw, Clamps, Wood Torch

  • Tip: Customize your chair in the end with whatever head board carving you want to make!

7. The Stargazer from

The Stargazer is unique because of the 2 separate boards of pine that were used to make it. This chair also has a crown carved into the head of its back panel, and a burnt and weathered look that makes the chair look ancient and battle-worn. A video, pictures, and in-depth instructions are provided.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials: Two Pine Boards, Glue

Tools: Table Saw, Band Saw, Jigsaw, Jointer, Clamps, Drill, Sander, Torch, Rasps

  • Tip: You can finish this piece with finish, medium colored stain, dark stain, and wipe-on polyurethane.

8. Simple Stargazer Chair from thepoultrypeople

This Simple Stargazer Chair is easy to assemble, and gives the option for personalized Celtic carvings. The plan is also flexible in what kind of wood you can use- salvaged or new. Check out his other video for the chair’s exact dimensions.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials: Two Pieces of Wood

Tools: Jig Saw, Circle Saw, Drill, Sandpaper or a Belt Sander, Pencil, Measuring Tool

  • Tip: Try finishing the chair with 2-3 coats of linseed oil. This will preserve and protect the chair.

9. The World’s Simplest Chair from

The viking chair is the World’s Simplest Chair! This plan contains a quick, helpful video instruction for how to make a viking chair that is great to take camping.

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials: 2 Wooden Boards, Wood Glue

Tools: Circle Saw, Tape Measure, Pencil, Drill, Band Saw, Sander

  • Tip: Apply any colors of paint in the end to make this chair more fun! He used playful light blue and yellow colors.

Other great DIY Plans:

Featured Image Credit: Featured Image Credit: Carl Zona, Wikimedia Commons

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