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Dremel 8220 Cordless Rotary Tool Review

Review of Dremel 8220

Editor Rating: 4.6/5

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The 8220 Cordless Rotary Tool from Dremel is not the company’s first entrant in the cordless world, but it shapes up as one of its best to date. As a prime example, the 8220 is now equipped with a 12V Max battery (more on what “Max” means in a moment) with a 33% longer run time than the 8200.

For those who are not familiar with the “Max” concept, the battery is not a “true” 12 volts. In this case, the rated nominal voltage is 10.8, with the ability to provide a maximum of 12 volts in bursts. It can be a bit confusing but seems to be an industry trend. That aside, the proof is in how it performs, and this battery gives the 8220 plenty of muscle and nice run times.

Another advancement with the 8220 is that it can accept all the attachments Dremel currently sells because it uses the standard collet system. You have to use a wrench to replace accessories and mount attachments, but the inclusion of the “EZ Twist” grip makes it easier than the previous method.

As a homeowner, DIYer, crafter, or contractor, you need a Dremel in your tool arsenal. It is indispensable for certain tasks. We do not recommend buying it as a primary tool for drilling, sanding, and routing. It is too small to handle large areas. However, when you need to complete those tasks on a smaller scale, that is when the Dremel will shine. If you have “cut the cord” with other tools, you’ll appreciate the same freedom you get with the 8220.

The 8220 – A Quick Look

  • Cordless
  • 33% longer run time than previous models
  • Accepts all existing Dremel attachments
  • No tool-less attachment or accessory changes


Brand name: Dremel, Inc.

Model: 8220 Rotary Tool

Motor: 12 VDC Max (see explanation in opening text)

Battery Ah: 1.3, 1.5, or 2.0

RPM: Variable, 5,000 – 35,000

Weight: 1.6 kg/.72 pounds

Warranty: 2-year

Dremel 8220 for wood

Cordless, cordless, cordless

As tool people, we love cordless tools! They are the best thing since sliced bread. A cord limits you in so many tasks. When you are working on delicate or intricate projects or are facing tight quarters to get a job done, cordless gives you better control and convenience. Plus, you can use these tools where no power is available, say, for instance, cutting rusty bolts off a muffler clamp in your driveway.

Uses all existing Dremel attachments

This is an especially important consideration if you have already invested in Dremel attachments. You save your earlier investment, and money you save can go towards different ones! You can test this logic when explaining to the tool budget master, “Well, I saved XX amount of money by reusing attachments. In reality, buying new ones with those savings doesn’t cost more!” Let us know how that argument works.

Great customer service

Dremel has a reputation for providing outstanding customer service. It has spent a lot of time and resources to develop an image as a quality tool-maker. It wants to make sure that, if there is a problem, it’s handled promptly and that its reputation is maintained.

Dremel 8220 for steel


What types of materials can I work on with this tool?

That is one of the beauties of the Dremel rotary tool line when equipped with the right accessory for the material; you can cut and work on practically any material. One word of caution: because of the extremely high speeds the Dremel can produce, when working with plastics, adjust to a lower RPM to avoid melting the plastic.

How good are the batteries that come with the 8220?

The batteries are excellent and, like all Li-ion technology, hold their charges nicely when not in use. Recharge time takes an hour, so you may want to buy an extra battery or select a kit that comes with two.

How easy is the 8220 to use?

The 8220 is a little heavier and bulkier than other Dremel models. Whenever possible, we recommend that you try the tool out to check for a comfortable “fit.” Other than this, the tool is nicely balanced and easy to control, especially without a cord to get in the way.

Dremel 8220 for metal

What the Users Say

We have some research to share on what users of the 8220 think of their tools after putting them to the test on their projects. One surprisingly common use is trimming dogs’ toenails, and Dremel sells an attachment specifically for this purpose. Who knew?

As you might expect, the freedom and convenience of no cord rank right near the top. Equally appreciated is the power and control of the 8220 in every situation. People love that ability to work with any material.

Negative reactions most frequently involved battery and charger issues that resulted in short runtimes or none at all. Occasionally, a user reports an issue with the shaft lock hanging and the variable speed selector malfunctioning. An interesting area of “disappointment” is that the new Dremel cases do not hold as many accessories as older cases, so users suggest keeping old cases for that purpose.

When it comes to issues with a tool, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to exercise your warranty rights as soon as a real problem develops. Don’t let it frustrate you any longer than necessary.


We love cordless tools, have we mentioned that? And we think cordless is a great choice for most users, especially in a tool you’ll potentially use for delicate and intricate work. Dremel’s 8220 is a great tool that will provide years of robust, reliable service. Everyone who works with tools needs a Dremel, and the 8220 is a tool we can recommend.

Your only decision will be what “kit” you buy. At a minimum, buy one with an extra battery or buy a battery separately. Cordless doesn’t seem so great when you have to stop what you are doing to wait for a battery to recharge. Having two batteries lets you stay “in the game.”

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