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10 Essential Tools for Knife-Making (with Pictures)

Last Updated on May 22, 2020

knife making tool

There are quite a few tools that are needed to make a knife. We have put a list together of the top ten tools that you need to get started making knives, and a description of what they are used for.

10 Essential Tools for Knife Making:

1. Safety Equipment

safety gear

Protect your eyes from steel dust and debris.

  • Heavy Gloves

Let’s face it. Knives are sharp. Heavy working gloves help protect your hands from getting cut or burnt.

Keeps you from inhaling harmful steel dust into your lungs.

  • Work Apron

A work apron will help protect your skin and clothes from being damaged by a tool.

2. Hacksaw or Coping Saw

The saw is used to cut the metal that you are shaping for your knife down to a workable size.

coping saw

3. Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are used to grind away steel to make the sharp side of your knife.

angle grinder

4. Metal Files

Metal files are used to sand off any rough areas of metal once you are done shaping it.

metal flies

5. Sandpaper

You will need a variety of grits of sandpaper to shape your handle, and to get your knife smooth so that it is comfortable in your hand.


6. Small Drill Press

Your knife is held together with pins. The drill press is used to drill the right size of hole for your pins to fit securely inside.

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small drill press

7. Bench Vise

Knives are not the biggest things to work on. A bench vise works as a third hand to hold the steel that you’re working on in place while you shape it. The mouth of the vise faces upwards so that it will hold the blade up in the air, where it is easy to get to.

bench vise

8. Clamps

Like a bench vise, clamps are used to hold your steel in place while you use it. The difference with clamps is that the blade is held out to the side, rather than up in the air.


9. Forge

A forge is used to heat the steel up so you can shape your knife the way you want it.


10. Whetstone

Whetstones are the best way to sharpen your knife once you have it made.


We hope that you will find this list helpful in getting you prepared to make your knife.

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Header image credit: Mark Wilson, Flickr

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