How to Find a Local Handyman

  • March 2, 2017

If you’re having trouble with something that needs repairing or you want to develop a small part of your home, then you need a handyman. Small repairs and improvement projects don’t demand experts in the technical field. However, if you need a person to help you with plumbing, heating or cooling systems, or electricity, then you should get a licensed tradesman. So, how can you find a local handyman?

  1. The fastest and most reliable way to find a local handyman is to ask your friends for referrals. It is always better to contact a handyman that’s already proven to “know what he’s doing”. Plus, they’re already trusted.
  2. If your family and friends cannot recommend anyone, then you can always contact your local hardware or the home improvement shops near you. They usually have at least one handyman working for them either regularly or on an on-call basis.
  3. Check the internet. Websites like and can show you who are the professionals you can contact in your area. And this is absolutely free! Aside from giving you the contact information of these professionals, they even have ratings and reviews of the local professionals. The type of work they do, their price rates, and professionalism are also included in these sites.
  4. You can even ask real estate agents. They normally have a list of people you can call to help you get started with your new home.
  5. Get yellow. If you want to get traditional, you can also check the yellow pages.
  6. You can also check out a local service company like,, or It may cost more, but you can be sure of their services. They’re licensed and insured.

Things to Remember

  • Since your handyman might not repair only once or twice, be sure to check the work history of the handyman with your agency or business bureau. Searching his name and company on the internet will also be helpful. This way, you’ll know whether he received praises or complaints. Protect your home by hiring a trustworthy handyman.
  • Check out the prices of the projects and compare them with other handymen. This way, you’ll know if you’re receiving a fair deal. It’s recommended to list at least three estimates for a single project from dissimilar sources.
  • If the handyman didn’t come from a referral or a website, be sure to interview him first. Also, interview other candidates. It’s important that you feel comfortable with the man you’re about to hire. You can ask him about his skills and the services he can offer. A handyman should be able to paint your interior walls, install light fixtures, or patch drywall. Get a licensed contractor if the job involves electrical wiring or plumbing.
  • Demand a written agreement. Prior to your discussion of the job details, prices, and payment schedule, make sure you have a written agreement with both your signatures on it. This will include the time the work should start and be completed. It is also for your protection in case something bad happens.
  • Always check their work. Before paying the handyman, inspect his completed work and ensure that everything written on your agreement was finished. As a customer, you should be satisfied with his work. Do pay on time and at the agreed price. Don’t forget to thank them for a job well done. They also work hard so they need appreciation as well.

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