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10 Free Printable Woodworking Plans for You to Download (.PDF)

People who like to work with their hands often don’t want to do it by the comfortable glow of a computer browser window of a phone screen. They prefer things that are real, like wood. Paper, also. That is, paper with plans printed on them. It might be a bit old fashioned, but we get it and even like it. People who like working with their hands for fun tend to be a bit old fashioned.

It can be hard to find woodworking projects on the Internet to suit these people. While there are project plans for just about everything from DIY wine casks to bunk beds and even arbors, finding one that you can download can be something of a chore.

So, we hunted some down for you. It’s a variety of different projects. We included furniture and ornamentals and storage stuff. The thing that connects them all together is that you can download them, either because the page is in a .pdf format or because there’s a link to open them in .pdf format. Once you finish these, here’s hoping you move on to find new and exciting projects.

1. Wine rack

wine rack

Some DIY projects are satisfying because they fulfil a household need. Some allow you to customize the appearance of your home. But, come on, building your own wine rack is just plain fun. Invite your neighbors over for a dinner party, and when you pull your bottle of red out to go with the main course, let them know you built this. You can find the plans here.

2. Pottery Barn inspired barn dining room table

barn dining room table

Building your own dining room table is a big, big undertaking. It makes a lot of sense that if you want to make a go of it, that you’d want to download the plans. This will allow you not only the ease of having them available during the process, but if you’re like most of us and have to make three dozen trips to a hardware store during the course of a basic project you can take these with you and go just once. You can  find the plans here.

3. Little Library

little library

Little libraries started to pop up the last few years, and they are great projects for parents to undertake with their kids. These are downloadable plans, which means that if you let your kids run free that you don’t have to worry about mixing power tools and electronics and kids new to both. The upside to this kind of project is that not only does it give your kids an introduction to the joys of woodworking, but it also teaches them the value of community and learning to share. You can download the plans here.

4. Pirates chest

pirates chest

How much fun is it to build your own pirates’ chest? You can find out, by opening these in their own .pdf, which is easily downloaded. This is the kind of thing that after you follow the plans you can scale future pirates’ chests to whatever size you desire, from small ones for your kids to big ones for fun birthday party decorations. This link opens directly into a .pdf.

5. Jewelry box

jewelry box

The most fun thing about these sorts of projects isn’t the end product but the fun you have in building them. There’s a great deal of satisfaction in creating something small but with a lot of details. Plus, you can easily scale this up and use it to store things like hardware like nails and screws and other fasteners. Here is where you can find the downloadable files.

6. Bunk beds

bunk beds

Building bunk beds is only fun in two ways. The first is that you get a kick out of connecting large pieces of wood. It’s a slightly different animal that woodworking projects that require that you pay close attention to small details, but it can be rewarding. The second is if you’re a kid who gets to sleep in them. That’s doubly so if parents can get their kids to help them in construction. For the plans, look for a little blue box between the headline and the body copy.

7. Double Adirondack chair

double adirondack chair

Adirondack chairs lend themselves as great and even easy DIY projects. They look elaborate and big and comfy, but really they just require a little bit of patience. Building a double Adirondack might require a little more care, but not a whole lot. It just means spending a little more time and buying a few more materials. Before you get into it, just be careful that you feel comfortable with getting the curves right. Getting them wrong could make this an uncomfortable mistake. Here is a copy of the plans.

8. Popsicle birdfeeder

popsicle birdfeeder

Just about everyone’s built a bird feeder. Just about everyone’s built a popsicle project. But a popsicle bird feeder requires a little bit more time and patience than one built with more commonly used wood. This one is pretty intricate, which is why it’s a good idea to just go ahead and download the plans to have on hand so you don’t have to constantly play with a screen that goes dim to save the screen.

9. Dresser


Dressers aren’t the sexiest of DIY wood projects, but some people consider them an essential component of every woodworkers inventory. They provide a great way to learn about putting together basic shapes, how things fit together, how to accentuate whatever it is that you’ve built and of course how to stain something so that you get the color you want. They also take a long enough time that it’s probably best to have some downloaded plans on hand.

10. Cutting board

cutting board

This is a great starter woodworking project for a couple of reasons. First, it’s easy to complete and the instructions are easy to follow. Second, you don’t need a lot of skills or tools to complete it. Third, if you mess up, it’s just a cutting board and you can use it regardless. Finally, it’s a cutting board. When you finish it, you can start using it immediately and get extra satisfaction from the act of creation. Here is where you can find downloadable plans.

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