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Hookaroon vs Pickaroon: What’s the Difference?

hookaroon vs pickaroon whats the difference

Whether you’re a professional logger or a homeowner who regularly works with wood, you’ve probably used a pickaroon or a hookaroon. If not, then you’ve probably heard of these tools. You might be wondering whether they can be used to perform the same function, or if one has an advantage over the other.

It’s possible that you’ve unknowingly used a pickaroon and referred to it as a hookaroon or vice versa, because the difference between the two is very subtle. However, the subtle difference can, in certain instances, allow you to perform tasks with more ease. Let’s take a look at their functionalities, in order to determine whether they are equally equipped to suit your needs or should be used in varying situations.

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The Pickaroon

The pickaroon is a woodworking tool consisting of a long handle and a protruding spike. It serves to make the process of picking and stacking cut logs easier, so you don’t have to bend down repeatedly. The protruding spike on a pickaroon may be straight or slightly bent at the tip. Wood may slip off if you don’t stick it into the wood with enough force.

The 36″ JH Contracting Pickaroon.
  • Makes stacking wood easier
  • The piece of log slips off if you do not apply enough force when sticking the pickaroon in the piece of wood

The Hookaroon

The hookaroon looks almost identical to the pickaroon. The only difference lies in the shape of the spike that protrudes from the handle. The spike on a pickaroon is straight, whereas the one on a hookaroon bends inwards on the tip, creating a sort of miniature hook. This helps keep wood from slipping off. However, wood can also get stuck in it.

Fiskars hookaroon
A Fiskars hookaroon.
  • The bend on the spike prevents the piece of wood from slipping off
  • The piece of wood might get stuck in the bend of the spike

The Pickaroon or Hookaroon?

The fundamentals of the two tools are identical. To use either one, grab the tool by the handle and stick it into the log, piece of wood or other material you’re working with, by applying enough force. Once the tool is inserted into the wood, you either pick it up or you drag it to where you want to place it.

Both tools are used for stacking wood, loading and offloading logs from a vehicle, and placing wood on a splitter.


Making use of a pickaroon or a hookaroon is similar to driving an automatic car or a manual car. They perform the same function, so the use of either comes down to personal preference. Since the tools are almost identical, the only way to determine which one is best for you would be to use both of them and identify which one provides more efficiency, convenience, and comfort.

Header image credit: Rudolph, Wikimedia

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