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Husqvarna 128CD String Trimmer Review

Last Updated on May 19, 2020

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Review of Husqvarna 128CD

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Build Quality

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Review Summary

Second only to the cordless screwdriver in the “best tool of all times” category is the string trimmer—or weed eater, line trimmer, or whatever other name you prefer. This tool banished forever the need to trim edges that the lawnmower couldn’t reach. Husqvarna is a manufacturer with a long history of making quality products for rigorous outdoor use. Husqvarna bills the 128CD as a “lightweight, multipurpose string trimmer.” As such, it’s going to appeal to the average homeowner who wants to edge their yard before or after mowing.

Homeowners will also appreciate the range of accessories that are compatible with the 128CD, making it truly a “multipurpose” tool. Professionals, however, may want to invest in a more robust tool to tackle heavier cutter situations.

Husqvarna 128CD – A Quick Look

  • Lightweight for reduced user fatigue
  • Braided wire drive shaft for extra durability
  • Auto reset stop button returns to start automatically for easier restarts
  • Louder than your lawnmower
  • Not the best choice for large properties


Brand name: Husqvarna

Model: 128CD

Product dry weight: 11.11 lbs.

Engine: 28 cc, 1.0 hp, two-cycle, CARB & EPA compliant

Fuel: Regular unleaded, max ethanol content 10%

Operating RPM: 8,000 Max

Sound level at operator: 114 dB(A)

Lightweight, curved shaft

The 128CD tips the scales at a reasonable 11.11 pounds. At this weight, the average user can complete their trimming chores with minimal fatigue. The curved lower shaft allows the user to maintain an erect posture while standing nearer to the work at hand, thus further reducing fatigue.

Plenty of power for normal trimming duties

The 28cc, 1.0 hp engine will easily handle residential grasses and weeds. It’s well-proven and reliable (Husqvarna uses the same engine on other products), with service and parts readily available.

Break it down for easy storage and transportation

The shaft comes apart without tools, making it easy for users to transport and store their 128CD.


How long will the trimmer run on a tank of gas?

The 128CD is pretty fuel efficient. Users report running it for an hour on just a half tank of gas.

What types of attachments are available and can the 128CD use other brands’ accessories?

The multipurpose 128CD comes with a string trimmer head. You can add an edger for close trims alongside hard surfaces, a chainsaw for trimming low-hanging branches, and hedge trimmers for keeping bushes groomed. It will also accept a brush cutter, but you’ll likely find it underpowered for this task.

As to accepting other brands’ accessories, that depends on the type of shaft they use. The answer here is, “Maybe,” as long as the connecting point on the other manufacturer’s attachment fits onto the 128CD’s drive shaft.

How finicky is this trimmer’s fuel mix ratio?

In a review that delivered some of the best advice I have ever seen on this topic, a user stated that users should mix the gas and oil with precision, using only the manufacturer’s branded oil. Even a single ratio change can create damage that’s detectable in warranty replacement assessments. Owners should follow the user manual recommendations with care to ensure the longest life and fewest problems for their tool, and from their warranty.

General user impressions

Now that you have the highlights of the 128CD, let’s see what users say about putting the trimmer through its paces in the real world.

People regularly reference the Husqvarna name as the main driver behind their decision to purchase this trimmer. One user, a logger who uses Husqvarna chainsaws for a living, says he’s extremely pleased with the 128CD and the quality of its build.

The most common praise alludes to the trimmer’s ease of starting. Depending upon the location and time of year, first time starting is the norm. It does come equipped with a choke, and some users report setting it to the half choke position for heavier cutting, but that’s not how most users report operating their trimmer. Remember, this is a lightweight trimmer. If you’re going to brush hog your lot, prepare to be disappointed at the power.

Users also report being able to use their attachments from other brands. Also, changing them is quite easy. You simply line up the shaft and accessory connector, push them together, and tighten the clamp. Changes made, now it’s time for a new task!

Most importantly, users are pleased with the fact it does what they need it to do.

What about the downside? The 128CD has its detractors. Where does the trimmer fail to please?

According to dissatisfied users, bogging down when cutting tops the list. The research didn’t get into to what type of growth these people were trimming, so we can’t say they were trying to cut heavier growth than the tool’s designed to handle. Bogging down could be an issue with carburetor adjustment, improper fuel mix, or trying to cut heavier growth.

On the carburetor topic, several users are dissatisfied with the factory settings. They’re unable to adjust them at home without a special tool that’s too expensive to purchase for a one- or two-time use. EPA and other regulatory agencies like CARB mandate carburetor settings for all manufacturers. These are generally on the lean side and can contribute to poor performance.

Poor quality is the next most common issue reported. The tool works fine during the first season of use, but in subsequent seasons problems develop regarding starting, power, and durability. People report buying something else after three years.

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The Husqvarna 128CD trimmer is a good choice for people with normal-sized residential lots that require mostly grass trimming. If you’re a homeowner with other landscaping chores such as hedge trimming, the multipurpose capabilities of the 128CD make it a good solution. For those with heavier trimming duties that include thicker grass and heavy weeds, this trimmer is not the best choice.

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