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Husqvarna 128LD String Trimmer Review

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Review of Husqvarna 128LD

Overall Rating: 4.4/5

Build Quality

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Review Summary

This string trimmer is the straight-laced cousin of the crooked Husqvarna 128CD. No, the 128CD isn’t a criminal trimmer, it simply shares all the traits and capabilities of its relative with one exception, the Husqvarna 128LD offers users a straight rather than a curved shaft. A straight shaft enables users to reach under overhanging bushes and trees to trim areas inaccessible with a curved shaft.

Overall, residential users who have a normal size lot to maintain are going to find the 128LD a nice option for their trimming needs. For those homeowners who have larger properties and commercial users, a more powerful trimmer is a better choice for handling heavier cutting and trimming tasks.

Husqvarna 128LD starter

Husqvarna 128LD – A Quick Look

  • Husqvarna quality
  • Straight versus the curved shaft of the 128CD
  • Can experience fuel leaks
  • Users cannot adjust the carburetor themselves


Brand name: Husqvarna

Model: Husqvarna 128LD

Product dry weight: 11.11 lbs.

Engine: 28 cc, 1.0 hp, two-cycle, CARB & EPA compliant

Fuel: Regular unleaded, max ethanol content 10%

Operating RPM: 8,000 Max

Sound level at operator: 114 dB(A)

Husqvarna 128LD metal

Straight shaft alternative – the choice of pros?

The Husqvarna 128LD weighs the same as its curved shaft alternative so at 11.11 pounds reduces user fatigue when over extended periods of use. Using the shoulder strap further reduces fatigue. The straight lower shaft produces less vibration, reduces wear of the drive shaft, and can reach under low bushes with ease. If you look at most commercial trimmers, they have straight shafts.

Multipurpose design – one tool to rule them (yard tasks) all

The 128LD is designed from the ground up (pun intended) to provide its owners with a versatile, multipurpose tool to handle common homeowner landscaping chores by changing to a different accessory. Many users can use the engine the “power pack” or “head” that powers the string trimmer head and other accessories including a powered pole saw, brush cutter, and steel-bladed edger.

Rugged build

True to its Husqvarna heritage, the 128LD is a ruggedly built tool that holds up well to typical residential use, providing years or service.


Does the Husqvarna 128LD automatically feed the line?

No, it uses a bump-feed method common with many trimmers. When your line wears down, bump the trimmer head on the ground to advance new line.

What kind of growth can this trimmer cut with a brush cutting head?

The trimmer will take down heavy weeks and small woody plants and saplings up approximately 1” in diameter. It does not have the power to handle anything larger than that. If you have a typical residential property to maintain, this should not be an issue for you.

Can you get an extended warranty on the Husqvarna 128LD like you can on other Husqvarna tools??

Yes, you can get an extended warranty for the 128LD trimmer. Husqvarna offers both a 1 and a 2-year extension. In order to activate either, you need to purchase six bottles of Husqvarna oil or 6 bottles of Husqvarna premixed fuel for the four-year extension. You have to purchase these products at the same time you purchase the trimmer, and they must appear on the same receipt. See more here:

General user impressions

We conducted our usual research to find out how users of the Husqvarna 128LD straight shaft string trimmer felt about their purchase after spending some time using it. The sentiments expressed are generally favorable, but there are dissatisfied users as well. Saying that, let’s start with the positive comments.

People buy a string trimmer to trim the edges of their lawns and to keep a handle on smaller weeds. According to the users, their 128LDs completed these tasks with ease. There is ample power for these chores, and because it runs so well, users can knock out their trimming quickly, creating extra time for more relaxing pursuits.

In the same vein, people liked the fact that the string seemed to last longer than their other trimmers, that is was easier to replace the string than on other trimmers, and that getting thick grass wound around the trimmer head did not prevent the trimmer from cutting.

Finally, users are saying how much better the 128LD performs as compared to other brands they have owned and used and how much higher the quality of its assembly seems to be.

With the “yea” votes in and counted, it’s time for the “nay” voters to have their say on what they dislike about this trimmer.

Not to beat a dead horse on the topic of how two-cycle engine carburetors are adjusted at the factory but the truth of the matter is this, government agencies set emissions limits that manufacturers of these types of engines must meet. Once an engine leaves the factory, its carb can be adjusted to run better. Lots of users are complaining about how poorly their 128LD runs, that they cannot adjust the carb themselves and that they have to take it to a Husqvarna dealer to adjust.

The other complaints vary widely, making it hard to pinpoint common areas of dissatisfaction. So, we’ll list a few that earned the lowest ratings in the spirit of equal time.

The odd bits and pieces were giving users problems. Issues here include the stop switch not working at all, the spark plug arriving with the wrong gap, the engine overheating then dying, and receiving little to no satisfaction from Husqvarna customer service reps.

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Wrapping up the review, the straight shaft Husqvarna 128LD string trimmer is a good choice for homeowners who have normal trimming duties to perform and an occasional need to use an accessory such as a powered pole saw or steel edger. This lightweight trimmer works well in these circumstances but is not the tool for users with more demanding needs. For those users, a trimmer with more power is a better option.

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