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Husqvarna 445 Chainsaw Review

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Review of Husqvarna 445

Editor Rating: 4.5/5

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Review Summary

Husqvarna, a chainsaw maker associated with quality and safety, was hoping the 445 would push its regular consumer line of chainsaws to the next level. The company packed in all of Husqvarna’s latest features in ease of use and reliability. What it forgot was professional-grade power.

The 445 is a great chainsaw for homeowners with 15- to 16-inch softwood trees to cut down. It’ll work and work, and as long as you keep the chain sharpened, will do it without problems. If you have oak trees, the 445’s 47.5 cc engine just doesn’t have the muscle to get the job done.

Husqvarna’s Smart Start system makes this tool a perfect introduction to chainsaws for new users. It’s easy to start. Of course, Husqvarna’s saws have a reputation for temperamental starts, so it’s great for rookies for another reason: it’s a reminder to always read and carefully follow the instructions in the owner’s manual.

Husqvarna 445 – A Quick Look

  • Great design
  • Easy to start
  • Reliable
  • Underpowered, especially for hard woods
  • Chain is temperamental


Brand: Husqvarna

Model: 445

Engine power: 47.5 cc

Power output: 2.8 hp

Weight: 10.8 lbs.

Max. length: 20 in.

Max. power speed: 9600 rpm

Fuel capacity: 8.8 fl.oz.

Sound level: 103.3 dB

Built for a long life

The 445 comes with a three-piece forged crankshaft to help it work through the most difficult tasks, combined with an air injection system that helps catch large debris particles before they reach the filter. This means reduced wear and tear on the engine during routine use. Since stress is the biggest longevity killer for a chainsaw, this means that you can cut and cut and keep cutting for much longer. This makes the 445 a much better bargain, giving you longer life for what you pay.

Built for newbies

Husqvarna’s Smart Start system makes this saw a snap to start, which makes it attractive to people who are new to chainsaws. The 445’s maintenance features — the centrifugal air injection system and the easy access to the air filter — also make it easier to clean out the saw during maintenance downtime. Experienced workers are probably used to spending time pulling a chainsaw apart to get it back to tip-top running shape, but people new to these tools will appreciate that much of the guesswork is taken out for them.

The vibration control feature and the inertia-activated chain brake system mean that new operators won’t tire from using a new tool as quickly. If they happen to make a mistake, it’s also less likely to result in serious injury.

X-Torq: a gas saver

The money spent on a chainsaw is not the only cost. There is also ongoing expense in terms of fuel and oil to keep it going. That’s above and beyond routine maintenance and taking it to the shop for repairs. Husqvarna’s X-Torq engine uses fuel efficiently, which cuts fuel costs. It also reduces exhaust from the engine, which lets users operate while breathing relatively cleaner air.


How good is the warranty that comes with this model?

Husqvarna offers a two-year standard warranty for basic use, with the option to extend at the time of purchase.

Does this model require a Husqvarna-specific chain?

No, but check the owner’s manual closely for specifications — such as bar length, gauge, and chain pitch — to make sure the chain you have is compatible.

Is this a good starter chainsaw?

It is easy to start and comes with safety features to reduce rookie mishaps, so it’s a good starter chainsaw. It’s reliable enough that a purchaser can get used to chainsaws before moving up.

What the Users Say

You’ve read a handful of professional tool reviews, and wonder whether they are representative of the experience you can expect to have in using a tool as a relative novice. It’s a fair point, and fortunately, the Internet allows access to the opinions of average people. We read them because we wanted to do a thorough job for you.

Most users were pretty happy with the Husqvarna 445. It starts easily and then keeps working as long as you want it to. Users were impressed with its overall performance.

That said, some users reported issues that are fairly common with Husqvarna chainsaws — they have difficulty starting and leak oil. Part of this can be addressed by carefully following the instructions included in the owner’s manual. Some of these problems appear to be Husqvarna brand issues.

Overall, however, these were minor gripes on the road to broad user satisfaction. Even people who had significant complaints about the 445’s starting said that once it was overcome, the chainsaw performed reliably.

Husqvarna 445 18-Inch 45.7cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered...
  • 45.7cc, 2.8 hp engine
  • Lightweight - 10.8-pound
  • Centrifugal air cleaning system removes larger dust and debris particles before reaching the air...


Husqvarna’s 445 is billed as the next evolution in chainsaws, delivering professional quality at an amateur price, but it doesn’t quite live up to billing. Its 47.5 cc engine is too underpowered for professional use. It has limited usefulness in cutting down hardwood trees, and it can also be a bit tricky to get going. Professionals need more power and need it more readily available than hoping that the 10th or 11th pull on the starter cable will finally get a saw roaring.

However, once they get it going, amateurs who only have light-to-medium work will find that this is a great chainsaw for them. It’ll run for a long time. The efficient engine means a long time before refueling the tool, and the safety and comfort features mean a long time before resting the operator.

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