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Husqvarna 580BTS Backpack Leaf Blower Review

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Husqvarna 580BTS

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

Build Quality

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Review Summary

The Husqvarna 580BTS model is thought of by many customers as the biggest and best any user can buy and that no other model can win over it. Not only does it have many added features, but it is very powerful and shows that you don’t have to pay a huge price for a professional grade leaf blower. Blowers play a huge role in keeping your lawn clean and maintain a perfect looking finish during the colder as well as the summer months, however, not having access to the best equipment might mean your lawn suffers. There are many big brands who produce great quality products and models that will leave your lawn spotless, yet Husqvarna is known and highly thought of in the industry for being the best and only giving their customers what they deserve in a model.

The 580BTS performs well and has specially designed straps and padded back to ensure that the user can wear the backpack blower for an extended amount of time with no issues. It is designed with the user in mind and provides the best experience to anyone who uses it, despite being quite heavyweight (and for a leaf blower it is seen as heavy!) it sits comfortably on your back for hours without causing pain or aches. This model is loved by customers and reviewers alike who always have positive things to say.

Husqvarna 580BTS – a Quick Look

  • High Powered Motor meaning it is very powerful
  • Comfortable straps and back padding
  • Great value for money
  • Expensive as a non-professional piece of equipment
  • Not lightweight and compact


Brand Name: Husqvarna

Weight: 26.4lbs

Capacity: 87.9 oz

Air Speed: 179 MPH

Air Volume: 907 CFM

Runtime: 1hr 14mins

Comfortable and Practical Handle and Straps

Comfort is a very important factor when you’re buying a leaf blower as if you’re a professional in the business then you need to make sure you’ll be able to wear the backpack for as long as you can. If you start to ache or the backpack creates pain, then it can mean you want to stop or have breaks which can be detrimental to your health and job. It is so important to ensure your straps are comfortably positioned. The handle of this model is also practically comfortable meaning you can use it for as long as you want, and it won’t cause any pain.

X-Torq Engine Design

The engine design of this model reduces any harmful emissions that the leaf blower releases by around 60% and also increases the efficiency of the fuel by around 20%. It is a well-known fact between those who are in the leaf blowing industry that they’re known for producing harmful emissions and if this can be decreased then this is a huge positive. This is even better for anyone who works with leaf blowers regularly as it can be very harmful to the individual to use it repeatedly for a long time if the emissions aren’t reduced.

Air Cleaning System

The air injection feature on the leaf blower allows for the removal of larger debris and dust from the particles before it reaches the air filter. This then results in the amount of air filter cleanings that is needed and will improve the engine life in the long term. Therefore meaning if you want a leaf blower that will last a long time and be worth the money you pay, then this is definitely a great model to choose.


How well does the model perform?

It is one of the best models that Husqvarna sells in terms of performance and it is known in the industry for being a powerhouse since it can be extremely powerful and blow away a huge number of leaves without much effort to the user.

What is the warranty like on this model?

Standard to most Husqvarna products, the 580BTS comes with a 2-year limited warranty which can be affected and turned invalid if the user doesn’t adhere to the terms and conditions. The warranty of the model also becomes invalid in terms of wear and tear of the product and users are not able to claim if their product is damaged due to this.

Is this model good for beginners also?

Technically this model would be fine for beginners, however, we would suggest because of the price tag that beginners stay away from the Husqvarna 580BTS as it is a very complex machine that needs to be handled by professionals who know what they’re doing. If you have had a leaf blower before and feel confident in using one then you will have very little problems when it comes to the setup and running of the blower.

General user impressions

After considering what other users say about this product, we have gathered the research and looked intensively at the reviews before putting together this general user impressions section. The model gets great reviews from a variety of users who say that it is a powerful and very useful tool that they will continue to use for as long as they can. Yet, the price tag is still high, and some users have issues with Husqvarna as a brand especially having their product under warranty as the terms and conditions are very long winded and contain a lot of small print that you may not have seen before. Users have been purchasing this 580BTS model from Husqvarna for many years and only a few numbers of people have had problems with it.

The general consensus is that the model is ideal for professionals and anyone who wants to pay a little more for their machinery, it works and performs well yet in an ideal world many reviewers would like the price of this model a little lower so that other semi-professionals and hobbyists could try it.


If you’re willing to spend the extra money on a model like this then it is definitely something you will be impressed with. We recommend you read some more in-depth reviews for more information and see if the model adheres to all your needs!

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