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Husqvarna ST227P Snow Blower Review

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Review of Husqvarna ST227P

Overall Rating: 4.7/5

Build Quality

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Review Summary

The Husqvarna ST227P provides owners with more horsepower and a larger clearing width than models below it in the 200 Series, both of which are important when the user needs to clear especially large areas of driveway and sidewalks. Its power steering makes it easier to handle in turns, reducing user fatigue. Thoughtful design features relating to engine control, oil management, and size adjustment further simplify operation and maintenance. For homeowners with large snow moving requirements who want the Husqvarna quality, this is a good model to consider.

Husqvarna ST227P front

Husqvarna ST227P – A Quick Look

  • 5 HP engine
  • 27” clearing width
  • May need to go with a more powerful snow blower if you frequently receive snowfalls over 18”


Brand name: Husqvarna

Model: ST227P

Product dry weight: 212 lbs.

Engine: 254 cc, 8.5 hp, two-cycle, CARB & EPA compliant

Electric start: Yes, plug into outlet first

Transmission, Speeds FWD/REV: Friction Disk, 6/1

Stages: Two

Auger style: Ribbon

Fuel: Regular unleaded, max ethanol content 10%

Clearing width: 27”

Snow depth capacity: 6 – 18”

Sound level at operator: 88.4 dB(A)

Husqvarna ST227P blade

27” clearing per pass

When compared to the ST224 with its 24” single-pass capacity, 27” may not sound like much. However, it makes a real difference when clearing large areas and especially when using the snowblower in challenging winter conditions. Moving Mother Nature’s “gift” might be fun early in the season, but as time wears on, the objective becomes getting it done fast. Another 13% of clearing capacity will be a welcome addition then.

30% snow blowing horsepower

You might not set records for the longest distance throwing snow, but the 8.5 HP engine of the ST227P will move your snow with ease, regardless of the type of snow. This larger engine adds 30% to your snow moving muscle when compared to the models just below it in the Husqvarna line and will be especially useful when dealing with heavy and icy snow.

Husqvarna quality

Husqvarna has built a reputation for quality, and their ST227P snow blower shows it. Snow blowing is hard on equipment, and flimsy materials will fail rapidly. The ST227P snowblower uses strong and durable materials throughout, appropriate for the intended use. It is put together well, and the only exception to an otherwise quality product may be the plastics used in the control panel.

Husqvarna ST227P motor


Where is this snow blower manufactured?

The snow blowers are designed in Sweden at Husqvarna’s headquarters and, while Husqvarna manufactures a lot of its products in Europe, they went overseas to build this and other snow blowers. In this case, overseas for Husqvarna means McRae, GA in the United States.

The road crews always fill the end of my driveway with dense snow. Will the ST227P clear that?

You are talking about the toughest type of snow to remove, and the answer is, yes, the ST227P will cut through the heavy, compacted snow left by road plows. Consider this technique to minimize this issue in the future. Create a clear area in the road at the end of the driveway, moving the snow up the street. When plows make their pass, they push the snow into the cleared spot and then continue pushing it past your driveway rather than filing the end of the driveway with snow.

Is there any assembly required?

Only minor assembly is required using the included instructions. Allow 10-20 minutes to complete the assembly.

General user impressions

Researching user reactions helps us discover the plusses and minuses of a product. After putting their blower through its paces, the great majority of ST227P users are very satisfied with their purchase decision. Let’s see what makes them smile when snow is in the forecast.

Users comment favorably on their ST227P being up to the snow blowing challenge of their property. One user reports that the ST227 struggled with a 30” blizzard, but it still managed to “chug” through. Even removing the heavy snow the road plow dumped at the end of the driveway went well. Several reviewers bemoan the fact that their blower completes the job too fast, with one cheeky user stating they blew snow back onto their driveway to use the ST227P longer!

Trouble-free operation is another strong suit for this machine. Many users comment on how easy it is to start, even without using the electric start option. They know it will start and run every time.

Maneuvering it is simple thanks to the power steering feature and the wide range of gears available to match snow and slope conditions.

Not every user is enamored with their ST227P so let’s dig into the areas that cause the most dissatisfaction with this model.

Auger belts breaking come up most often. Naturally, this puts the blower out of commission until the user replaces the belt. Unfortunately, the auger belt is a fractional size, so standard, non-OEM belts don’t work as replacements. There are varying degrees of satisfaction over the replacement process as maintenance work in a blizzard is never fun.

Plastic parts breaking—for instance, consoles, handle parts, and cable ties—represent another frequent complaint. Breakage of these components results in sagging or displacement of control cables which, in turn, results in poor control. A console breaking limits the use of the speed selector, while handle breakage is an aggravation.

Lack of power rounds out the next complaint category. Given that the majority of users find the ST227P’s power impressive, those struggling with it may be experiencing a manufacturing issue or need a larger machine to handle their area’s snowfall.

Final Verdict

More horsepower, wider clearing on each pass, power steering, excellent performance, and top-notch quality position the Husqvarna ST227P snow blower as a good choice for homeowners with demanding snow removal conditions due to areas to be cleared and amounts of snow received.

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