Husqvarna T435 Chainsaw Review

  • July 14, 2018
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Review of Husqvarna T435

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Review Summary

If you’re looking for something to work with aloft, the Husqvarna T435 is designed for you. It’s a light top-handled saw that is super maneuverable. That makes it a good option if your work requires that you position it and cut limbs with one hand. Toss in Husqvarna’s low-exhaust X-Torq engine, and you’ve got a tool you can take up into a tree and use with close to with relative safety. However, if you’re looking for a saw for cutting large trees or working close to the ground, you’ll want to pass on this model. It’ll add versatility to your inventory of chainsaws, but unless all you do is lop off limbs and cut small trees, it’d have to be one of several.

Husqvarna T435 – A Quick Look

  • Lightweight
  • Great for working at heights
  • Unsafe to use at ground level


Brand: Husqvarna

Model: T435

Engine power: 35.2 cc

Power output: 2 hp

Weight: 7.5 lbs.

Max. length: 14 in.

Max. power speed: 10,000 rpm

Fuel capacity: 8.8 fl.oz.

Sound level: 103 dB

X-Torq engine

Husqvarna’s X-Torq engine delivers power at peak efficiency. The design means that tools that once gulped fuel now sip it down. This kind of economy delivers more than savings for your wallet. It also means that the T435 will meet the strictest environmental emissions standards there are. While we acknowledge that chainsaws are primarily for tree cutters, not necessarily tree huggers, lower emissions mean less exhaust. Less exhaust means you aren’t working in a cloud of choking fumes.

Lightweight design

To some, the T435 might feel flimsily made. That’s because Husqvarna stripped away the heft in favor of portability. The T435 combines the features you’re used to with a Husqvarna chainsaw while shedding pounds. If you have to go aloft and hold one branch aside to trim the one next to it, your operating hand won’t get fatigued as quickly. That flimsy feeling is actually the feeling of superior safety.

Top handle

Husqvarna put a top handle on its 435 chainsaw to make it better for working among tree branches above the ground. That makes it perfect for pruning fruit trees, shaping, or keeping a vineyard in good order. You can move this saw around with one hand if needed and have enough control over it to get just the right cuts. Of course, this is also what makes it poor for working near the ground. There, you will want the stability that comes with gripping a saw from behind.

Ease of maintenance

The snap-lock cylinder cover on the air filter and the centrifugal air cleaning system are designed to lengthen the T435’s life by making maintenance much easier. The snap-lock makes replacing the filter much faster, and the centrifugal cleaning system catches large pieces of grit and debris before they reach the filter. This reduces wear and tear.


What kind of warranty covers the T435?

This saw comes with Husqvarna’s standard two-year warranty that purchasers can extend to three or four years.

Is there a model of this chainsaw with a rear handle that I can use close to the ground?

Yes. It is called the Husqvarna 435.

What is the proper fuel ratio?


What the Users Say

You can spend hours reading online reviews as second opinions, or you could read on here, because we did that, too. We wanted to make sure that we had the same general experience as everyone else, so we read those reviews and can summarize them for you.

People who purchased the T435 were usually happy with it, as long as they were clear on their expectations going in. Users reported that it was great for working at heights to cut limbs. They found it easy to operate with one hand (note that safety says you should only do this when absolutely necessary), and that it combined just enough power with economy of weight to deliver quality results. If you need a saw to do major work, you’ll need to look for a larger, more expensive model designed for that. The T435’s greatest assets — its weight and top-handle design — made it a popular option for trimming tree branches, but it’s not for people who need a chainsaw to bring down large trees.

People who were unhappy with this saw either reported that it arrived in less than perfect working condition, or that it felt like cheaply made junk. Husqvarnas do tend to be a little more expensive than competing models, so prospective users should be aware of this. If it feels cheaply made, it might not instill the kind of confidence you’d need to want to use it.

The general consensus was that this is an excellent chainsaw for light to medium work, and for working among tree branches. If you want to work low or with large trees, it’s just not designed for that.

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Husqvarna’s T435 brings versatility to the tool inventory of anyone who has to manage a lot of trees. Its lightweight build and top handle mean that users can cut problem limbs with some precision and with maximum safety. Plus, it has all the features that make Husqvarna so reputable among chainsaw users. It’s efficient, easy to maintain, and built for longevity. If you have heavy work or need to work close to the ground, you’ll want to look at different chainsaws designed for those tasks.

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