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Maruyama BL9000-SP Backpack Blower Review

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Review of Maruyama BL9000-SP

Overall Rating: 4.6/5

Build Quality

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Review Summary

If you don’t know the Maruyama company name, don’t worry. Many people don’t. They’ve been around since 1895 and are best known for manufacturing equipment used in disaster prevention applications. As you can imagine, equipment for this market segment has to be extreme-duty capable and exceptionally durable. Maruyama applies these same standards to their backpack sprayers.

This blower isn’t designed for homeowner use. Rather, it’s targeted at commercial landscaping maintenance providers. But, as with most commercial products, the fact that it’s targeted for the commercial segment doesn’t mean a homeowner can’t buy it. Just expect to pay more.

When compared to other commercial blowers, the BL9000-SP offers middle-of-the-pack performance in nearly every important category. This is a bit of a drawback when you consider the prices these units command, but it is a rugged, well built, and comfortable piece of equipment.

Maruyama BL9000-SP front and back

Maruyama BL9000-SP – A Quick Look

  • Comfortable on the back with excellent padding, 4 shock absorbing springs, and an active air circulation system for operator cooling on hot days.
  • Two-stage air filtration system to trap more dust.
  • Well placed handles and controls for easy movement both on the back and to the truck.
  • Provides middle-of-the-pack performance in power and fuel consumption.
  • Priced close to top performers.
  • Special warranty requirements.


Brand name: Maruyama

Model: BL9000-SP

Product dry weight: 24.0 lbs.

Engine: 79.2 CC, two-cycle, CARB & EPA compliant

Fuel: Regular unleaded

Speed at nozzle tip: 189 mph

Sound level: 73 dB(A)

Newtons: 35

Maruyama BL9000-SP hose

Excellent ergonomics

The BL9000-SP is engineered for all-day use. An active air system pulls air between the operator and the unit for comfort on hot days. The straps are well padded, and the frame is equipped with 4 spring shock absorbers. Controls have excellent adjustment capabilities to ensure a proper fit for each operator.


Maruyama offers a 5-year commercial warranty with a “5-Day Buy Back” feature. This warranty is among the longest in the segment, especially for commercial equipment. But the devil is in the details. The company has very specific requirements regarding the type of oil to be used during the “engine optimization” period. You might run into issues if you don’t document operation and maintenance properly.

Designed for heavy, all day use

Coming from the disaster prevention industry, Maruyama knows how to build robust, reliable equipment. It shows in this blower.


How powerful is this model?

Backpack blowers are usually rated in three power categories: CFM, MPH, and Newtons. Of the three, Newtons are the most revealing because they measure the actual work. The higher the Newtons, the more material a blower will move per unit of energy used. In other words, more Newtons = more debris, leaves, and grass moved, reducing the time to complete a job. The BL9000-SP is respectable at 35 Newtons but not at the top—other models in this class can hit 40.

Do I need to use Maruyama brand oil with this blower?

The warranty requires that the buyer use a specific Maruyama oil during what is termed the “engine optimization” period, that is, 80 hours of run time or burning 6 gallons of fuel. Engine optimization is similar to a break-in period for other equipment and automobiles. You’ll need to be able to prove you used the Maruyama oil to minimize any potential difficulties with warranty coverage. After this period, the warranty specifies what type of oil to use.

Can homeowners use this model?

This is always an interesting question when talking about commercial equipment. Nothing about this blower makes it a poor choice for homeowners. However, unless the homeowner has extensive landscape maintenance requirements, lower-priced residential alternatives are probably a more sensible choice.

General user impressions

Commercial users don’t flock to the review pages to post their reactions and experiences the way homeowners do. After a long day of manhandling equipment in all types of weather, they’re probably more interested in other pursuits. Even so, we did find some reactions to the Maruyama BL9000-SP.

Compared to other units, the BL9000-SP is easier on the user. The ergonomic design, plus the dampening effects of the springs and strap pads, provides excellent vibration reduction. It’s also quieter than other units—another welcome benefit. Cooler, quieter, and less vibration is a great combination in this equipment category.

Generally speaking, users are pleased with the unit’s performance. It provides plenty of power, and there aren’t any jobs it can’t handle. Several users report buying the Maruyama to replace another brand they have been using for years. They say they’re satisfied with their decision; some stating they plan to buy additional units.

User reactions aren’t entirely on the rosy side. One user reports having issues shortly after putting the blower into service. First, the tool wouldn’t restart after being turned off to handle other tasks. Eventually, it reached the point where it wouldn’t run at all. After two months, the user took it to the shop for repair. Now they plan to sell it and switch to another brand.

Maruyama BL85-T 900cfm Backpack Blower
  • Super powerful 900 cubic foot per minute airflow
  • 200 MPH at the tube tip
  • Powered by a 64.7cc Kawasaki 2cycle engine


The Maruyama BL9000-SP is a capable commercial backpack blower. It offers durability and reliability to users in an industry that pushes equipment to its limits every day. When compared to comparable leading brands, the BL9000-SP provides middle-of-the-pack performance in every category. But given the close ranges in performance, users aren’t likely to notice much of a difference.

Where the BL9000-SP pulls ahead is in comfort of use. As reported by some users, it doesn’t beat them up as much as other brands. When working with vibrating equipment for hours at a time, effective vibration dampening is a great benefit and can limit the development of vibration-related physical ailments.

It may come down to getting a price deal to swing the user of another brand over to Maruyama. But it seems like that would be a fine decision.

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