MIG vs. TIG welding: What’s The Difference?

  • January 23, 2018

weldingWelding is one of the major joining ways of getting separate metal parts attached together. Welding uses electric rods to attach the two or more parts. Depending with the metal work you will definitely decide which method suits best. When doing the outdoor work and metal joining you will definitely be recommended to use MIG welding. This is because it only requires you to have the metal to be joined or sealed. This is the method that is used in most welding shops like the automobile, commercial vehicles body building of the trucks lorries and pick-ups.

What’s The Difference?

One of the welding difference between the two types is that the MIG welding is simple to learn and work with compared to TIG type of welding. The metal inert gas uses a continuous rod while burning to melt both the metal and the burning catalyst used. Tungsten inert gas on the other hand uses a thinner material content for welding. This has therefore given a huge support for the sensitive welding like the pipes, car exhaust, some engines.

In terms of power metal inert gas uses a high volume of power that can easily melt the welding rod and the metal and us not fully controlled. On the other hand, tungsten inert gas has a controlled power to avoid melting the metal and thus prescribed for sensitive welding.

In terms of fast welding and attaching the metal together it is the metal inert gas that is used but for a precise, smart and fine finish. When having a finished end work, metal inert gas requires grinding to make a smooth edge and avoid the sharp edges left after welding. For the tungsten inert gas, the case is different as welding can be done and it stand as a final texture.

The important aspect to consider about this two types of welding is the eye light shielding. The magnification of light as welding is done has adverse effects to the eyes. MIG welding becomes difficult especially when attaching an aluminum metal. On the other hand, it is simple to weld the aluminum using the tungsten inert gas.

Tungsten inert gas involves a lot of labor as an added person is considerable to help. The both hand will have to hold the gun while the foot still adds some assist. This you cannot weld alone. Compared to the metal inert gas where it is easier to go with a single hand as you align the metals for a fast welding. Remember to wear a helmet when welding though! We’ve written a buying guide for them here.

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