When and how to Prune/Trim your Marijuana Plants

Every Marijuana farmer does pruning to help keep his or her plants tidy and trim. Some plants can be hard to control and pruning becomes of no use to the rest of the marijuana. For marijuana growers, the two most desirable things are tidy plants and higher yields. Below are some steps of when and how to prune/trim your Marijuana plants as they complete their life cycle.

prune cannabis

  1. Cut Out Lower, Non-Productive Branches Early

When your marijuana is in the vegetative state, you can pluck out a few of the lower branches together with the attached leaves. With this little exercise, the plant will only focus on the tall and more productive branches.

  1. Remove any Dead or Moribund Leaves

When the marijuana plant ages the upper leaves will start to fall out and shape a canopy above the lower branches of the plant. Due to lack of enough sunlight, the lower leaves are likely to die. Therefore, it is important to pluck them off before they start turning yellow and the upper leaves will benefit from that.

  1. Top The Plants

Cutting off the biggest branch (top cola) of your plant might seem counterintuitive, but it can help the plant produce higher yields. The top cola usually has chemicals in them that reduce the growth of the lower branches, and when they are removed, the plant will flourish.

  1. Do not Prune Marijuana Plants During Flowering

The moment the marijuana plant starts flowering, it is not a good idea to prune anything else. However, you can do away with few dead leaves or unproductive branches. Doing the wholesale pruning during this period will not give you the desired results.

Pruning Marijuana plants is a complicated process that should be taken with a lot of seriousness to avoid major setbacks.

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