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Ryobi P102 Lithium-ion Battery Review

Review of Ryobi P102

Editor Rating: 4.3/5

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The standard unit at the heart of Ryobi’s vaunted One+ tool line, the P102 provides the charge that ties together more than one hundred tools compatible with the same power source. A vast improvement on the old nickel-cadmium batteries, the lithium-ion P102 can hold a charge longer and comes with features that maximize that. Prices have come down on lithium-ion batteries in recent years, making them a much better value. This model, at least, does come with the Achilles’ Heel of all lithium-ion batteries, which is that it doesn’t play very well with cold weather.

Ryobi P102 – A Quick Look

  • Good value
  • Superior weight-to-energy
  • Holds charge
  • Not great in cold weather
  • No way to measure charge left


Brand name: Ryobi

Model: P102

Type: Battery

Pool type: Lithium-ion

Output: 18v

Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 4 inches

Weight: 1 lb.

Ryobi P102 side view

Fade-free operation

The hitch to cordless tool batteries has always been that you can tell when it’s losing a charge because it will slowly die. And then stop working. Ryobi’s latest lithium-ion batteries, including the P102, come with fade-free operation than maintain top-flight performance right until the battery is fully discharged.

Compact and light

At one pound and sized to 5x4x4 inches, the Ryobi P102 is sized to promote user comfort and to reduce fatigue by adding a power source to a tool that adds weight and by the end of the day adds discomfort. Keep working in comfort and don’t worry that a big, bulky battery might get in the way at the wrong time. This one is a space saver.

Ryobi One+ compatible

Ryobi One+ means one big thing, one battery for a whole lot of tools. The entire system is designed around making more than a hundred tools compatible with the same design of batteries, in which the P102 plays a critical role. It means versatility, money savings and less time sorting through chargers and batteries to find the right ones.

Ryobi P102 top view


How much time can you run a P102 before exhausting the charge?

Short answer: It can hold about 1.3-amp-hours of charge. Long answer: While there is a standard number that can give you a general idea of how much energy it has fully charged, the amount of time you run it depends on the power demands of the tool drawing from it. Also, environmental factors, especially very cold temperatures, will drain a lithium-ion battery faster.

What kind of warranty comes with this?

All Ryobi products are covered by a two-year manufacturers’ warranty.

I have a charger for older nickel-cadmium batteries. Can I use that for these batteries?

Dear god, no. Dear, dear god, don’t do that. Improperly charging a lithium-ion battery — that is, using a charger designed for nickel-cadmium batteries — can, at best, warp and damage the battery and at worst can burn your house down. So, don’t do it.

Ryobi P102 buttom view


The price of lithium-ion batteries has dropped considerably the last few years, which has only strengthened the value of them over the old nickel-cadmium counterparts. Ryobi’s P102 is that company’s front-line battery for its One+ tool line, which links the compatibility of more than 100 tools to the same power system. It can’t tell you how much of a charge it has left, and it’ll lose energy quickly in really cold weather, but it is lightweight and compact enough for long use and won’t lose power as it loses charge. If you’ve invested yourself in the One+ tool line, these are a must-have. Likewise, if you purchase a Ryobi tool that uses these, consider investing yourself in more compatible with the One+ system as a time and hassle saver.

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