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Ryobi RYI2200 Digital Inverter Generator Review

Last Updated on May 16, 2020

Review of Ryobi RYI2200

Editor Rating: 4.4/5

Build Quality

Review Summary

If you’re looking for a low-cost alternative to a big, bulky generator that cranks out the noise and exhaust emissions, the Ryobi RYI2200 might be on your radar. It uses the latest in digital inverter technology to modulate power output and reduce noise, and it comes with handles and wheels to make its 51-pound frame portable. What it has in affordability and portability, however, it doesn’t have in power output or longevity. It’s not designed to be a solution for power outages in the home, and it might even struggle to power some of your higher-need tools on the job site. So, if you need to go this route, double check your power needs to make sure that it can fit them. In a pinch and with a separately-purchased accessory, you can double up its output by joining it to another of the same model, but you might also just want to look for something sterner.

Ryobi RYI2200 – A Quick Look

  • Quiet
  • Portable
  • Doesn’t put out a lot of power
  • Not really suitable to power the home


Brand name: Ryobi

Model: RYI2200

Tool: Generator

Type: Digital inverter

Engine power: 106cc, four-cycle

Output: 1800 Watts

Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 24 inches

Weight: 51 lbs.

Ryobi RYI2200 used on forest

Stable power for your electronics

Ryobi’s digital inverter converts the AC power it generates to DC and back to AC in a way that controls and modulates it for a consistent flow. This departs from the old way of doing things, which could create surges that weren’t good for home electronics. You can take the Ryobi RYI2200 to your next tailgate and set your fantasy football team with confidence.

Auto-idle fuel efficiency

The Ryobi RYI2200 comes with auto-idle technology that lets the generator operate on idle when nothing is connected to it. This is a step forward from generators that ran and ran and ran regardless of whether something was connected to it. Combined with the ability to regulate the generator’s speed, and you can maximize its fuel efficiency while delivering reliable electronics-safe electricity.

Quiet operation

Old designs of generators are big, bulky and belchy. That is, they made a lot of noise and burped all kinds of noxious exhaust into the air. The Ryobi RYI2200’s digital inverter quiets its operation to a manageable level, allowing you to generate power without making a lot of noise.

Ryobi RYI2200 side view


How good is the warranty that comes with this model?

All Ryobi products are covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

How long can this generator provide power?

Five hours at 400 Watts, or 2.5 hours at 900 Watts.

How do you start this generator?

Pull start.

Ryobi RYI2200 used on parking lot

What the Users Say

More than half of the people who bought the Ryobi RYI2200 said they had a positive experience, ranking their satisfaction right at the top of ranking systems. That’s … not all that great. Most tool models tend to have a very heavy concentration of positive reviews at the top, with a much smaller bulb of them at the bottom, not about half at the top and the rest largely balanced out between positive experiences and negative ones.

How does this all break down? The half who really liked the experience cited some pretty basic positive things about the experience, namely specific incidents where it came in handy and where it was able to provide just enough power for what amounts to pretty modest use. If you want to use a couple of hand tools that don’t really require all that much wall current, for example, you’ll find this more than acceptable in meeting your needs.

People who used it consistently and had positive experiences with it all had something in common. They all said that they were very careful to keep to a pretty strict maintenance schedule that involved thoroughly cleaning the unit and making sure that it was filled with clean, fresh fuel and oil. It can be a bit temperamental, they said, but you can smooth out those rough edges by simply making good on preventative maintenance.

It’s not to say that the people who didn’t like it reported behavior that suggested misuse or improper maintenance. It’s just that a common thread among a lot of people who had positive experiences said they made sure it was properly cared for.

The people who said they had negative experiences mostly based their reviews on the fact that the generator ran okay for some time and then simply stopped operating. It would work, and then it would stop working.

A lot of people bought the Ryobi because the price was right, and regretted the purchase because they got really poor value from it because it had such a short operational lifespan. What they saved in upfront purchases, many people reported losing in repair costs because this model isn’t designed for easy repairs.

Overall, a little more than half of all people who purchased this digital inverter generator said they had positive experiences. That’s a smaller percentage than is normal for tools, which is by itself a bit concerning. The people who said they didn’t like it report that their reviews were based on longevity of operation, which in the long run suggests that maybe this isn’t quite the bargain that the price tag suggests it is.


Ryobi’s RYI2200 is a quiet, efficient alternative to old designs of generators that made a lot of noise while wasting a lot of the energy potential they produced. It’s lighter than most, and portable. It also creates stable juice that is perfect for delicate electronics. Buying it also won’t cause you to take out a second mortgage on your house. It’s perfect for camping or tailgating, or anywhere your energy needs are relatively light because it just won’t pump out enough juice to get your house in order if a storm rolls through and leaves you without power.

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