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Safety Precautions You Should Take When Paint Spraying

safety precautions you should take when paint spraying
Image credit: Windywocket, Wikimedia

You will be glad to hear that paint spraying really is not dangerous work. However, there are hazards, and if you allow the presumed safety of this task to lure you into a false sense of security, you may run into problems.

Today we aim to help you protect yourself against the hazards of painting. Read on for a guide on how to stay safe as you paint.

1. Ventilation:

Finding a ventilated space to paint in is one of the most important precautions that you can take. Keep in mind that the fumes that paints produce aren’t exactly good for you. Many people find them disorienting and even nausea inducing, so be sure that the space you are breathing in has plenty of fresh air.

Ventilating a space can be as simple as keeping the doors and windows open.

car park on the garage
Image credit: Ddgonzal, Wikimedia

2. Dress for the Occasion:

In terms of practicality, you are going to want to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on. However, wearing an old shirt is not what we mean when we advise that you dress for the occasion.

To stay safe, you are going to want to make sure that you wear good protective eyewear.

You will also want to wear a painting mask, gloves, and something that covers your arms and legs.

While paint exposure to skin is not the end of the world, it can lead to rashes and irritation. That in mind, it is best avoided when possible.

man wearing safety gear
Image credit: Tommie Horton, Air Force Safety Center

3. Avoid Heat:

Wet paint and heat don’t go so well together. Avoid painting on surfaces that may be prone to sparks, or heat exposure. Lightbulbs, chords that are in any way damaged, and other volatile materials should not be introduced to paint.

Smokers are also going to need to avoid sparking up in the room that they are painting.

The cigarette smoke will certainly be detrimental to the ventilation of the office, and the sparks and flame can lead to a fire.

And that is pretty much it! Staying safe when you paint isn’t extremely difficult, but it’s definitely important.

fire alert sign
Image credit: CC0 Public Domain, Max Pixel


Like we said, painting really is not very dangerous. In fact, many of these recommendations were probably self-apparent. Still, it’s easy to forget a step, or just decide to throw caution to the wind for a quick task.

While you can’t always help a lapse in memory, you can resist the urge to paint in a way that is reckless. The good news is that the precautions really are not hard to follow.

Dress right, keep your space ventilated, and keep the paint away from heat. Pretty straightforward, right? But by following these simple steps you can enjoy a paint session that is simple and safe!

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