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5 Smart Uses For Your Heat Gun That You Probably Didn’t Know

smart uses for your heat gun that you probably didn't know about

Back in the day, the heat gun was pretty much just used for painting projects. But technology has moved the puck forward quite a bit with this tool (just as it has with so many others). Now, new settings and features allow the user of a decent heat gun to get a whole lot more bang for their buck.

That in mind, today we will be taking a look at five smart uses for your heat gun that you probably didn’t know about. Read on!

1. Paint Stripping

You might actually already know to use the heat gun for paint stripping. Historically, this product has been used for drying off paint, and stripping it is, ironically kind of an extension of that feature.

But, since this is one of the handiest features of a heat gun, it’s worth mentioning here.

To strip paint from a workpiece, you only need about 400 degrees of heat — a number that even the worst bargain tool in the world is going to be able to hit.

paint stripping

2. Plastic Welding

Granted, if you are going to do plastic welding with a heat gun, you will need a special attachment. However, with the right equipment, and about 750 degrees of heat, this product can be a precise and efficient way to work with plastic.

3. Loosen Adhesives

If you’ve ever struggled to get a bumpers ticker or decal off your car before, you will probably appreciate the usefulness of this next application. Heat guns can be used to soften the glue of an adhesive.

This can be useful for more than just removing the last election cycles bumper sticker though. With enough heat, you can even use your tool to quickly and easily remove tile making it a great asset for any renovation project.

4. Thaw Pipes

When winter comes around every homeowner’s fear is that they will turn the faucet and watch as nothing at all happens.

A frozen pipe can be irritating, and in some cases extremely costly. However, in a pinch, your heat gun may be able to save the day.

Of course, this is an application you will want to use with caution. If you have older, corroded pipes, to begin with, the introduction of lots of heat may cause them to burst.

5. Removing Rusted Bolts

Removing rusted bolts is another popular function of the heat gun. When hardware becomes too old and worn down it can be almost impossible to remove. However, a good heat gun should be able to loosen your bolts and nails enough that they come out without much of a hassle.

Generally, this application requires around 800 degrees of heat to perform, though it will mostly depend on the state of the hardware.


From stripping paint to light welding work, the heat gun is truly one of the most versatile tools in any workshop. The better the product that you get, the more useful it will be.

Remember, when it comes to maximizing the versatility of a heat gun, lots of heat settings are key. Not every product out there will be able to perform all of the functions listed above, but the best ones should be able to manage it.

You can get really good options that are adjustable between 100-1100+ degrees of heat, ensuring that you can do the things we’ve talked about today, as well as much, much more.

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