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Starbond Super Glue Review: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Star Bond bundle

Total rating: 4.7

Bonding speed

Cyanoacrylates – the primary components of “super glues” – are a family of fast-acting adhesives with industrial, household, and medical applications. Cyanoacrylates also have a reputation for strong but very superficial bonds, mainly because they’re wafer-thin and quick to dry. In recent years, adhesive makers have figured how to make these glues thicker, so they spread and dry slower, forming thicker bonds. They’ve also found use as a gap filler to keep water out of open seams.

Star Bond sent us a bundle package of their basic adhesive package which contains a bottle each of their thin, medium, and thick adhesives. The package also includes a can of their accelerator, intended to speed drying. They also tossed in a bottle of their glossy jet-black medium adhesive.

Star Bond bundle

Star Bond Bundle – A Quick Look

  • Versatile
  • Fast bonding
  • Forms hard bond
  • Pricey for adhesive
  • Takes a lot to fill gaps

The tests

Star Bond markets the basic adhesives as bonding agents and gap fillers. We tested the thin and medium black as gap fillers. We tested the medium as a bonding agent for two materials adhered at an angle. And finally, the thick as repairing a split in a wood bowl.

Star Bond bundle

The thin adhesive is supposed to work well with projects where a gap is filled with loose, porous stone and the glue holds it in place. We opted for a bottle cap and sand from our local river. Unsurprisingly, it worked well. We’d be curious how well it would work if the bond were substantively challenged. These thin glues bond quickly and hold stuff in place, but fail if placed under any stress.

We tried the black medium on a knot in an outdoor table. Star Bond has ads on several social media sites targeting this use specifically. The black medium dried quickly and formed a hard, shiny surface. Unfortunately, unlike in the ads where the glue filled the gaps, in this case, it seeped into more of the wood’s pores and didn’t completely fill it in. We got the desired finish, but not the desired fill even after we kept adding glue.

Star Bond bundle

The other two – the medium and the thick – we used as more traditional adhesives. The medium we glued basic craft items at weird angles where a slower spread of adhesive is desirable for a better bond. They dried pretty quickly, especially after we hit them with a shot or two of the accelerator and stayed bonded. We were happy with the results.

Included in the Star Bond kit are applicators for tight spots. One of these came in very handy for getting the thick adhesive into a split in a wooden bowl we want to rehab. The crack threatens the structural integrity of the bowl and is part of a general rehab project that will involve finishing it. We got enough of the thick adhesive into the crack for deep penetration and there was a line of glistening glue at the surface. Star Bond recommends that you hit the thick with some accelerator because it can take a couple of minutes to fully dry. We did that and the glue dried quickly.

Other stuff

Frankly, the bonding performance wasn’t surprising. The different kinds bonded quickly, especially when hit with the accelerator.

In terms of price, it’s a pretty expensive bundle. It’s true that Star Bond offers a variety of different viscosities that you can’t find in other brands of cyanoacrylates, especially ones that dry to a shiny gloss. If you need that, you’ll need to pay for it. If you don’t need it, the basic thin adhesive is a lot more expensive than competing adhesives.

Star Bond bundle

What you get for that is a lot of versatility. It also comes with applicators that are unlike anything you’ll find with more traditional adhesives in this class.

We also ran the finger test, which is to say that we got it all over one of our hands. These kinds of glues usually are hard to get off the skin. Usually, you have to let them sluff off with dead skin cells.

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The Star Bond bundle pack provides a lot of versatility with several different kinds of viscosity. They work as both traditional adhesives and as waterproof filler in the gaps of split wood. You’ll just want to make sure that the glue will seep in a little bit.

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