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TORQ 10FX Random Orbital Polisher Review

Review of TORQ 10FX Random Orbital Polisher

Editor Rating: 4.7/5

Build Quality

Review Summary

The TORQ 10FX is a middle-range professional-caliber polisher that is also a great choice for the weekend car fan. Although there are plenty of pro tools out there that are just not worth the money for amateurs, this one successfully bridges the gap between the two audiences.

Professionals, with a deeper understanding of pads, polishes, and products, will be more than happy with this TORQ’s performance and results. Regular Joes working in their garage will get a polisher any newbie can make work, plus room to grow into its versatility.

Between the intuitive, digital, and variable speed motor and the variety of backing heads and pads available, anyone can turn a dull and dirty car into a gleaming glinting masterpiece worth showing off, all in a weekend. TORQ is proud of its attention to ergonomics, user-friendliness, and smooth power delivery, all of which are on display in this polisher.

TORQ 10FX BUF 501 – A Quick Look

  • Onboard digital controls for extra precision
  • Designed specifically for car detailing
  • Takes 3-inch through 6-inch pads
  • Gradual changes between variable speed settings
  • Designed for pros, works for DIYers
  • Speed controls in a bad location
  • Included flexible backer falls apart easily
  • Can’t use out of the box – you’ll need product


Weight: 5.5 lbs.

Dimensions: 20”x9”x8”

Power: 110V/700W

Speed: 6-speed variable 1,500 – 4,200 opms

Spindle thread: 5/16” – 24

Backing plate: Two 5” included

TORQ 10FX used on roof of the car

Variable speed

The TORQ 10FX offers 6 speed options from 1,500 up to 4,200 opms. The digital controls provide a high level of precision and accuracy, more so than the traditional dial set-up, with speeds shown in opms instead of arbitrarily numbered settings. In addition, the unit does a gradual start-up after every stop, so you won’t be flinging newly applied product off the pad and onto your shirt (or all over the car). It also transitions gradually from one speed to the next, avoiding the herky-jerky feel you often get when changing speeds.


This polisher comes with two 5” backing plates, but its 5/16” – 24 spindle thread will accept plates as small as 3” and as large as 6”, meaning you have access to a huge variety of accessories and pads. Couple this versatility with the array of products available on the market, and you can get exactly the finish you want on your car, even in the tight corners.


Although this tool was designed with the professional detailer in mind, amateurs will not be in over the heads with it – it’s intuitive to use. In addition, it won’t let you polish the finish right off your car. Since it’s a dual-action polisher, if you press too hard while using it, the spinning motion will come to a stop.

TORQ 10FX polishing the hood


What kind of backing plate is included?
This model comes with two 5” hook and loop backing plates, one flexible, one heavy duty. The tool will also accommodate 3” through 6” backing plates (sold separately).

Can I use this as a sander?
No. If you exert enough force to sand effectively, the spinning action stops.

Are the pads you use with this disposable or reusable?
With proper cleaning and care, you should be able to reuse the pads several times before they wear out.

TORQ 10FX polishing the black car

What the Users Say

Pros and amateurs alike are pretty happy with the ergonomics of this tool. Vibration is reasonable and arm fatigue minimal for all but the most out of shape. The design makes it easy to work anywhere on the car, even vertical surfaces, and it feels well-balanced. Intended for use with two hands, users can use just one (briefly), which keeps the polishing going without having to stop every time you reach for a rag or scratch your nose.

Detailers also like the digital display feature and appreciate the precision it offers in place of the old-fashioned dial system, although anyone with big hands may find that they accidentally change speed settings. At any speed, the unit is surprisingly quiet.

The slow start feature is a bit of a mixed bag. Some users appreciate the safety while others like the gradual resumption that avoids the potential racing, out-of-control spinning on your car surface. But others – presumably the more experienced users – don’t like having to re-find and reset the opms every time they pause to reapply product.

Another “safety” feature that generates mixed reviews is the stoppage in spinning when you exert too much pressure. Designed to keep enthusiasm in check and paint from being accidentally burnt off, it also aggravates more experienced users who don’t need the tool to tell them how to do the job.

Where this polisher really “shines,” though, is in its performance. Even users with minor complaints about the opm buttons or spin issues mention how nice their cars look after they’ve detailed it with this polisher. Swirl marks are gone, scratches are buffed out, surfaces are left looking brand new – whether you are restoring from scratch or just doing a weekly wash and wax, this polisher does the hard work for you. Where it really counts – how great the car looks when you’re done – this TORQ polisher has few detractors.

In addition, there are quite a few reviewers who mention that the TORQ gets the job done better than its competitors while using noticeably less product, so in the long run, it’s this tool that will save you a few dollars.


Whether you are looking to polish your first car or your 50th, the TORQ 10FX is an excellent choice. When it comes to car finish care, there’s nothing you can’t do with this. Performance and versatility are at your fingertips, and you could spend half again as much for another brand with the same features and selling points. There’s only one thing that should make you think twice about getting one of these: once you start polishing your car, you’ll have started a habit you’ll never want to break.

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