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6 Uses for Your Air Compressor at Home – Smart Ideas and Tricks

the different uses for an air compressor

An air compressor is a pricey investment for the home, so it’s best to be able to find ways to maximize those dollars. That probably means using a lot of pneumatic tools. Those tend to offer a little more power. There are other things you can do with an air compressor, though, and with a little creativity, you can turn it into an everyday tool.

6 Smart Uses:

1. Quick dry

We’ve all used those fast hand dryers in a public restroom. They push air quickly over your hands to dry them in a snap, so you’re not standing there with a bunch of strangers watching. You can use an air compressor the same way at home. Just make sure to have a basic trigger attachment connected to it for safety, and make sure you’re far enough away if you’re drying something delicate.

2. Quick cleanup

Used like a smaller but more powerful version of a leaf blower, an air compressor with a trigger attachment can blow things like sawdust off your workbench or dust off a window sill. You can also clean up metal shavings if you do heavy-duty work. Just use basic safety, like wearing dust masks and goggles so that what you’re blowing doesn’t get in your eyes and nose.

3. Pushing paint

With a cutout and properly placed tape, you can blow paint into a design. Because you’ve got compressed air pushing it instead of a brush, it’ll have a little extra feel of motion when it dries. This works well if you’re trying to establish an impression. Just don’t get the air too close to what you’re painting or you might damage it.

spray painting on car
Image credit: Wikimedia

4. Artificial blizzard

You can either rig this with a hose, or make a special presentation for an entrance or something. With the right attachment, you can blow artificial snow, or even glitter, into the air for a special effect that costs less than renting a specifically designed machine. Just keep it away from children and your eyes.

5. Inflatables

One common attachment will allow you to inflate bike tires and balls and even inflatable air mattresses in a real hurry. Just pay close enough attention to avoid overinflating. As always, practice safe use by wearing goggles so you don’t blow something into your eye.

air compressor on wheel inflating
Image credit: Airman Brea Miller

6. Cleaning electronics

Attach a basic trigger attachment, and with short, distant strokes you can clean crumbs and seeds off laptop keyboards and dust out of filters. That stuff can slow down performance or make keys stick. You can also dust off television and monitor screens. Keep safety in mind. Consistent compressed air can damage electronic components.

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Compressed air is a great way to provide power to your tools. It’s consistent as long as you can reach with the hose. If you go to the expense of buying a compressor, it’s helpful to find new, innovative ways to use it around the house. Keep safety in mind and have the right attachment. Compressed air is powerful and can injure people and damage property if used carelessly.

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