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WORX GT2 vs WORX GT3 – Which One’s Best?

Image Product Details
The Winner
  • Push button line feeding
  • Comes with a second battery
  • Accommodates two types of string
  • The Runner up
    Second place
    WORX WG160 GT2 WORX WG160 GT2
  • Automatic line feeding
  • Comes with 3 free spools
  • 3-in-1 tool with a mini mower
  • The WORX GT2 and GT3 are both cordless backyard trimmer/edgers perfect for weekend yard maintenance. They are identical or nearly so in many ways. Both are lightweight, between 5 and 6 lbs. Both adjust to user height and both can adjust the front handle. Each has a wheeled head that angles, without a tool, to 90 degrees to make edging a snap. Both use a 20V shareable WORX battery and are eligible for the WORX “Free Spools for Life” program. (You get free spools for as long as you own the tool.)

    Even on price they are virtually the same. Each comes with the same warranty and money-back guarantee, cuts a swath of 12 inches, and comes with a no-load spinning speed of 7,600/minute. They really are very similar.

    Neither tool, however, is designed with the professional landscaper or farm caretaker in mind. If you ask them to do the job of a gas-powered weed wacker, you’re sure to be disappointed.

    Their primary differences boil down to two questions: Do you need the mini mower that only the GT2 has? Or do you want the second battery that is included with the GT3? These are the only noteworthy characteristics that differ.

    WORX GT2 used on grass

    What’s the difference between them?


    The most significant difference between these two tools is their batteries: the GT2 comes with one but the GT3 comes with two, but those two GT3 batteries each take almost twice as long to charge as the one GT2 battery. In an ideal world, you’re charging one battery while using the other, which would give the GT3 the edge here. But in the amount of time it takes to charge one GT3 battery, you would easily run through the other one, which sort of chips away at the advantage.

    Other potential problems with battery life addressed by the inclusion of a second battery are memory effect and self-discharge. Batteries that lose their maximum charge capacity because they were charged without the battery having been fully run down are said to suffer from memory effect. Self-discharge is just what it sounds like – batteries that leak energy while just sitting on the shelf. With two batteries, you can always run the first down to fully empty – thus avoiding memory effect – while keeping the second one plugged in and fully charged – and avoiding self-discharge.

    We’d choose the GT3: two batteries are better than one.

    Mini mower?

    The mini mower was a moderately popular feature among users. Although you can repurpose the trimmer to mow spaces too small for a lawnmower, the mini mower is easier to use and gives a more polished look to your grass. As we are fond of saying – choose the right tool for the job. If your yard begs for a mini mower and you don’t want it to look like you hacked at it with a trimmer, you’ll want the GT2. (Conveniently, you won’t pay extra for it.)

    WORX GT3 trimming grass under the small tree


    These two models are comparably priced. And although the GT3 pulls ahead because it comes with a second battery, only the GT2 has the mini mower feature. We’re calling a tie on price.

    Spools and string

    Both models are trying to make the entire issue of line feeding idiot-proof, the GT2 with the auto feeding and the GT3 with the push button system. In reviews, there are noticeably more complaints about the feed mechanism in the GT2. Is that because it also works as a mini mower? Possibly. But at the end of the day, we’d rather a trimmer that didn’t force us to mess with the line all the time, making the GT3 the winner in this category.

    WORX GT2 used on grass under the chair

    Quick Rundown of the WORX GT2:

    WORX WG160 GT 2.0 20V PowerShare Cordless String...
    • 3 in 1 function with dual position wheels for grass trimming, edging and mowing
    • Converts from a trimmer to an in line edger in seconds with no tools
    • One (1) 20 Volt cordless MAX lithium battery

    Biggest selling point is its mini mower capability.

    • 3-in-1 tool with a mini mower
    • Easily transforms into all 3 without tools
    • Comes with 3 free spools
    • Automatic line feeding (no bumping)
    • Only takes one kind of string
    • Less durable wheels
    • You’re more likely to run out of juice
    • Some reports of problems with spool feed

    Quick Rundown of WORX GT3:

    WORX Wg180 40 Volt GT3.0 Trimmer with Battery and...
    • Convert trimmer easily to an edger or mini mower in seconds
    • Innovative Command feed Spool system for Instant line feeding
    • Adjustable handle for maximum comfort and control

    Biggest selling point is its second battery.

    • Comes with a second battery
    • Accommodates two types of string
    • Push button line feeding
    • Longer battery charging time
    • Only comes with one free spool
    • Toolless but difficult switch from trimmer to edger
    • Poorly written assembly instructions

    What the Users Say

    Both models have avid fan bases. These groups are happy to have ditched their loud, messy, high-maintenance, gas-powered weed wackers in favor of lightweight, cordless, versatile trimmer/edgers. Users who placed moderate demands on both machines were pleasantly surprised at the power and precision each offers. Both camps stopped thinking about yard work as a chore and recategorized it as, if not exactly fun, at least enjoyable.

    But both models have avid detractors, too. These groups were frustrated by what they felt were underpowered, flimsy tools subject to frequent problems like jammed string and dead batteries. But these tended to be the same users who were expecting a beast of a weed wacker instead of a backyard flower bed trimmer.

    Everyone loved that the GT3 came with a second battery, even if it took a while to charge. That second battery allowed them to keep working and push the machine without worrying they wouldn’t be able to finish. But there were some who missed the mini mower option found on the GT2 and were dismayed to realize their 2-in-1 GT3 wasn’t going to finish what it started as a result.


    These are nearly identical machines and both well-suited for the minor maintenance needs of the average suburban backyard.  The two determining differences are the mini mower and the second battery.  If you can’t live without the mini mower, you’ve got to choose the GT2.  But if you don’t anticipate needing that feature, the GT3 is probably the better choice because it comes with a second battery.  But you’ve already got a second WORX 20V battery?  In that case, it’s a tie.  You can be confident that either of these tools is a worthy choice

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